Halloween Sugar Skull Makeup

Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Cover

So as the images might have given away, I’ve done a really simple sugar skull that you can easily recreate using the makeup you already have. Plus it’s all sorts of fun!

I started with nothing on my face, no primer, just a clean moisturised face. If you wanted to make the look last longer, you can use a primer.

I covered my whole face with the NYX Jumbo Pencil* in Milk and buffed it in with a brush.  I set it using an It Cosmetics setting powder.  Then taking the bright blue from Sleek’s Ultra Mattes Bright Palette*, I brought it above my crease and blended out the edges before then taking the black from my Sleek Ultra Mattes Dark Palette* and adding an outline to the blue. Again blending it out a bit.

I may have forgotten to take the in between shots, bad blogger.  However, I did record it for you to watch, creepy Halloweeny music included! Let’s talk it through. I used the red eyeshadow from the MUA Fire Vixen Palette* to create red dots above the black.  I then went back with the black and filled in around the dots.  I went over the blue with the iridescent blue from my ancient Urban Decay palette.  I added of the gold highlight to the centre of me lids from the MUA palette.

To finish the eyes, I took the bright orange from the Sleek Bright palette and created petal shapes around most of my eyes.  I added red dots using the Jane Iredale red lip pencil, which was handier – so would recommend a red lip pencil if you have one handy!

I did my lips next with the Barry M Matte Me Up Pencil, you can use any red lip. Next all the black.  Using the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean I drew on some over sized nostrils, you can make yours smaller, I also drew on some teeth and a line on either side of my mouth too.  Finally I drew on three hearts, the biggest one on my forehead.  I also outlined my eyes with the same pencil, as well as line my waterline and I used a bit of black eyeshadow to softly line my eyes. I finished with a few coats of Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara.

That’s it! Super simple and a bit rough & ready but lots of fun.  I thought it might provide a bit of inspiration.  You can watch the video down below if you want to see how I created this Halloween goodness, even better, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel!  You’d be an absolute rock star.  Hope you have a great Halloween whatever you get up to!

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