Bedroom Makeover

Well it’s about time! I’ve finally finished (for now) our bedroom makeover.  We’re currently staying at Simon’s home-place since we got back from Bali, saving for the next step.  That means we’re sleeping in Simon’s childhood bedroom and it hadn’t been touched since he was a teenager!  So it was a proper boys bedroom, there were some interesting things on the wall, although I did enjoy the stars on the ceiling. So you can check out the before photos below.

It was a bit of a disorganised mess as well.  Lots of our stuff dumped all over the place.  The main bulk of our work was the walls.  We removed all the stars, the metal strips and the tiny mirrors.  Then we filled any holes and sanded down any uneven patches.  We had to do three coats of paint to cover the dark walls and ceiling, that was took two days to get it white!  For that we used Dulux Pure Brilliant White Matt Emulsion*, it was on offer thankfully we we almost went through 10 litres.

I’m delighted with the finished white walls, they feel so fresh and makes the room feel bigger.  With the walls done, it was time to re-organise the furniture and declutter.  We managed to chuck out lots of old bits that Simon hadn’t thought about since he moved out, hooray!  Then we sorted out our own bits and managed to pack up lots of our summery stuff from our trip that would definitely not be used in the UK.

You can see the world of difference it made down below.  I’m delighted with the results.

We have managed to squeeze the last bits of our clutter into some suitcases and pop them below the clothing rail, nicely hidden by the rocking chair.  I do love curling up on that chair with my book, or just to turn it to face the french windows and stare out across the countryside.  I’m really pleased with how the doors turned out, we sanded them down and applied two coats of Ronseal Natural Oak Satin* stain.  We did sand down and repaint the metal railings too, sadly it rained as they were drying, so they’ve ended up a bit mottled looking and are in need of another coat to get a nice shiny, smooth finish.  One weekend when it’s not raining would be ideal to repaint them…that might happen before the winter is fully here.  We used Fortress Black Gloss Metal Paint* for the railings.

I’ve a few new additions to finish the room off a bit – aside from lots of new candles from TK Maxx, Tesco and Sainsburys..who doesn’t love candles?!…

Dorkface Fox Collage

I was sent this rather fabulous lantern from Lite Craft, sadly they’re not out of stock but you can find a similar lamp.  I decided it needed a bit of a vintage touch so I added a Led Filament Classic bulb*, I found mine at Tesco, I also added some black polished pebbles to the base as it was just too shiny for me.  I like how it turned out and that tungsten glow adds a nice bit of warmth back into the white room.

Above the white drawers I also added this fab Fox Collage from Dorkace and put it in a faux wooden frame*, I like how it all sits together.  The colours in that corner all work well together.

In the opposite corner, the colours are also opposite!  I’ve another print from Dorkface, colourful jewellery that I wear regularly.  All the colours work well against the black bookshelf.  I added a few boxes from the Woodland Wander collection from Tesco, they’re all gone now sadly, but you might be able to find them in store.  These sorts of boxes appear in the likes of Tesco, WHSmith and Sainsburys regularly, so you can find similar.   I also picked up two succulents from Tesco – I was clearly having a moment when I was pottering around, I just liked the holders and the blogger in me squeaked with delight because they were reduced to £2 each.  I can’t seem to find them online, but succulents are everywhere and you should be able to find them in store. I was pottering around Primark when I seen these rather cute heart lights.  They don’t emit a huge amount of light but they do add to the cozy feel of the room, especially when I have these and the lantern only on, all the snuggly vibes.  Do you like the picture of Simon as a baby?  I popped it in a plain clip frame* from Hobby Craft, after I’d added some moustache washi tape to the base.  It makes me smile every time I look at it.

All in all I’ve really pleased with how the room has turned out.  It’s a much calmer space, wonderfully cozy and a nice place to spend some time.  You can check out the video down below if you fancy more of a nosy – who doesn’t love a nosy? I don’t trust someone that doesn’t have a peek!  If you fancy subscribing to my YouTube channel too, unicorns will magically appear…..honestly!

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Bedroom Makeover

4 thoughts on “Bedroom Makeover

  1. Omg I thought Simon’s room as a kid was amazing how lucky was he to have such a fun bedroom and then you transformed it and it is like a totally new room its amazingly done, you have a very interior creative mind it so cosy and really focused on the view out the windows <3

    1. I know! His friends had written all over the wall, it was kinda sweet but some of the things written were a bit much, definitely uncomfortable as a guest room lol. Much more chill afterwards.

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