Teganungun Waterfall | Bali Photo Diary

Teganungun Waterfall From A Distance

As one of our last days in Bali I organised a bit of a fun adventure day.  I took so many photos of our activities I’ve decided it is wisest to split it up into a few different posts.  So today we have our trip to the Teganungun Waterfall.  Spoiler, it was amazing and an experience I will always remember.  Such a powerful waterfall.

The view in the other direction is just as magnificent.  There is something a bit breathtaking about a valley, with a a slow moving stream cutting through dense trees. I doubt I’d ever grow tired of this view.

Teganungun Waterfall Opposite Direction

We made our way down incredibly steep steps, gradually getting closer to the thundering sounds of the waterfall, as we got nearer and walked along the river, I noticed all of the balancing stones.  They’re rather impressive to see in person.  The patience required to find the right stone to fit on top of the stone beneath – never mind attempting balancing them on standing sticks!

Standing Stones At Teganungun Waterfall Standing Stones Teganungun Waterfall 2

I love these random little sign on the way, there was a heart shape beside it, sadly it was so busy that we didn’t get a photo.

Teganungun Waterfall In Love

You can start to see the height of the waterfall in this photo, maybe not the biggest, but definitely very powerful – as we discovered!Teganungun Waterfall Me In Front 2

Teganungun Waterfall Don't Worry

My face says it all in these photos, look at that grin!  I was so pleased and happy and just full of all the wonder and awe.  You can just about see my beaming face while I was attempting to swim under the waterfall – it was too powerful and I couldn’t quite make it under, I did have great fun trying though!

Teganungun Waterfall Me In FrontMe In Teganungun Waterfall

After going for a very refreshing dip, decided to hike up the steps on the other side of the waterfall and stop a few times to take photos, or take photos of Simon taking photos…meta much?

Couple At Teganungun Waterfall Teganungun Waterfall Half WayTeganungun Waterfall Close UpSimon Taking Pictures of Teganungun Waterfall

Once we made it to the top we were greeted by more balancing stones and offerings.  The river itself looked quite innocuous and calm.  Although having attempted to swim under the waterfall itself, I felt how powerful it was.

Standing Stone Above Teganungun WaterfallTeganungun Waterfall Offerings

It was a wonderful start to our day of adventure.  It was incredibly cleansing for the soul for reasons I just cannot explain.  It was without a shadow of a doubt, worth visiting.

So how much was it and how did we get there?  It was 10,000 IDR each, which is about 60p to get down to the waterfall.  They do check your ticket, so no chance of sneaking down – we did see a few people try.  To access the top, it’s another 10,000 IDR each.  We had a lovely pair give us their tickets – someone had passed them on to them, so when we were leaving, we passed them on to another couple.  We hired a taxi for the entire adventure for 250,000 which is about £14/£15.

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