Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Look at that sunshine!  Our last day of fun in Bali, one of the fun activities I managed to arrange was to visit the Teglalang Rich Terraces.  We went straight after the the Teganungun Waterfall, I’m not sure I’d recommend doing it back to back as there are a lot of steps to the waterfall and there are a lot of steps to hike down and back up.  Worth the hike though and to be honest I didn’t mind too much as we’d gotten used to walking heaps.  It was actually quite fun, it made it more of an adventure trying to stay upright and not go tumbling!

We paid 20,000 IDR each at the ticket office, however when you hike about you’ll also have to pay the farmers to cross their land.  There are quite a few about, so it’s worth taking a minute to plan your root so you don’t always have to pay every toll.  I’m aware it’s only about £1 each, however we didn’t have lots of cash with us, so we had to keep it in mind when picking the way we wanted to hike.

I would recommend bringing water with you – we had reusable water bottles with us, they’re very handy to have and most cafes will allow you to refill them for a small fee.  You will sweat your rear off with all of the steps, so make sure you stay hydrated.  There are a few places to buy coconuts, so that’s always an option.

Was it worth all of the hiking?  Yes.  Definitely.  We did all of this as part of our adventure day, so the same taxi brought us everywhere for 250,000 IDR – which is about £15.  Absolute bargain frankly.

I shall leave you with those silly poses and of course you can check out the video below to see our full day of adventure fun!  It was something that was rather wonderful.  If you’re a fan of a mix of life, beauty, fashion and travel videos, you can always subscribe to my YouTube channel too if you fancy!

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