Celebrating Another Year!

Another Cracking Year

This post is going live on my birthday, I can’t believe how quickly it’s come around! Whoop!  Lately I’ve seen lots of people talking about their birthdays and that they’re not happy about getting older or that it stresses them out.  So in typical me fashion, I thought I would celebrate the positive and show you that it doesn’t have to be all sh!t frankly!  So, I’m looking back on the last year and thinking about all the good and bad and how awesome it is that I’m still standing!


First up, one of my biggest ever achievements, working for myself.  I quit the high paying job with a good stable future and incremental pay rises.  I quit for a multitude of reasons – to save my sanity, to scratch an itch I’ve had for years, just to try it.  It was the best decision I ever made.  I now have the freedom to manage my time in a way that suits me.  I can look after my health much better, hooray!  My head is thanking me for removing myself from what had become a toxic environment.  It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.  I still can’t quite believe that I did it.  My business continues to grow and I’ve some exciting things in the pipeline, so I’ve lots more to look forward to – although more focus required to achieve these excellent things.


One of the things my new career has allowed me, the opportunity to travel for extended periods of time – first up Bali for 6 weeks!  What a trip that was!! I’ve not quite worked out the kinks in regards to working and travelling, that bit was very challenging and requires a write up all by itself.  The travelling though was amazing.  I got to experience so much, I swam with turtles!! I met amazing people.  I was blown away by the architecture and culture.  It has given me itchy feet and the need to travel more, just once I’ve figured out the travelling and working a bit better.  Maybe a few shorter trips in the mean time.


One of the things I’ve been working hard to focus on and deal with – our finances.  This is a bit adulty.  We’d kind of shied away from it for a long time.  Well, we finally faced it and we’re mending the finances and aiming towards being debt free – Bali did set this goal back, but it was totally worth it.  Did I mention that Bali was amazing?  We’re getting back on track and more adulting ahead on this front! Go Team!

Getting More Creative

This is a few things.  I’m getting involved in more creative projects, which is good for my soul.  I want to do more – but it requires learning more, practising more and actually doing it rather than thinking about it.  Like any new skill, these things require practice.  It also means putting myself out there more and demonstrating that I can do it, I just need to make the opportunities for myself.   Whether thats getting in touch with brands or clients and offering demonstrable ideas, or just seeing new opportunities open and offer assistance, I need to get involved.  I also need to balance my priorities in such a way that I can do all the things I want to do and still get paid at the end of the month!  So this is also a future goal.

Tell Me More

I want to know what your best achievement has been this year.  This can be leaving the house 4 days out of 7, it can also be colouring your hair, or getting a new job, jumping out of a plane, or maybe you’ve also been swimming with turtles!?  I want to know.  Let’s learn to celebrate all the little and big things.  Let’s celebrate still being alive!  We’ve seen another year around the sun!!!

I hope you have an excellent day wherever and whenever you read this.  High Fives!

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