Visiting the Turtle Sanctuary

Gili Trawangan Swing

I’m slowly making a dent in all of my travel photos and videos.  I’m almost caught up!  Well I say that…there’s still a few weeks left, hopefully you’re enjoying it as much as I am enjoying reliving the memories.  Above is me looking very pleased about chilling out on an egg swing, I think I need one of these at home – they’re perfect for curling up with a good book, preferably with a beautiful view.  On our last day on Gili Trawangan we pottered about and said goodbye to Sarah and Cian – you need to go check out their Instagram, just sayin’.  We also visited the Turtle Sanctuary, they’re so incredibly cute, I mean come on, look at them.

Baby Turtle Swimming Turtle

The sanctuary is run by locals, the turtles are discovered by locals and brought to these tanks and as they grow they progress from tank to tank, some of the tanks have a current through them, so you can see the turtles learning to swim and tumble about.  I could’ve spent all day just watching them, I happily donated to the cause – you can watch the snippets in the vlog down below – if you want you can even subscribe to my youtube channel – you gain legend status if you I’ve heard.

Something else we discovered on our last day was that the manager of the Serene Sunset Villas was actually an Ambassador for an Orangutan museum in a bid to help protect them – they’re losing their homes as the forest is being cut down to make space for palm oil, so they raise funds to help protect them.  It’s Network Voice for Orangutan Museum – NETVOM, they’re all volunteers that help raise awareness.  You never know what you might discover by chatting to people.

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