The Ultimate Chocolatey Treat?

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After arriving back from our travels I was more than a bit excited to receive a parcel stuffed with lots of chocolate goodies from Paxton Chocolates*.  I’ve developed a bit of a sweet tooth of late, so to have a selection of various chocolates to try out, well you can imagine my delight…my mother in law may have also been pretty delighted too!  Shall we take a closer look?

Paxton Chocolate Thins and Drinks

These rather delightful chocolates arrived on a particularly warm day, so sadly after putting the box on the table, which had direct sunlight – well you can imagine that some may have warmed up rather quickly! However I put them in the fridge and thankfully rescued most of them – sadly most of the marble thins melted together as they arrived in a rather wonderful metal tin.  After allowing them to set again, I did nibble a few of them, I can confirm that they all tasted rather delightful!  It’s a sign of good chocolate if it melts so quickly and sets again – so I’m told.

Paxton Chocolate Marble Thins

So What Chocolates Did I Get And What Did I Think?

A small box of Signature Thins*, containing

– White chocolate clementine, lime and lemongrass – I adored the presentation, it’s the green and cream in the picture and it was quite delicately citrusy and fresh, which work surprisingly well with the white chocolate.
– White Chocolate, Raspberry and Rose – As soon as I took a bite, I could smell Rose, followed by the tang of Raspberry. Yum.
– Milk Chocolate, Orange and Earl Grey Tea – I could really taste the Earl Grey immediately with an aftertaste of Orange.
– Milk Chocolate, Chestnut and Vanilla – This just tasted wonderfully creamy and I could taste both the nutty and vanilla flavour.
– Dark Chocolate and Candied Chilli – I was a bit nervous about this one, it wasn’t hot, it just had a nice wee kick as it’s candied chilli – obviously Áine…
– Dark Chocolate and Lavender – I’ve come to love lavender and dark chocolate, it seems wonderfully comforting and decadent.

A small box of Deliciously Dark Thins*, contaning

– Apple and Ginger – This was rather surprising and I found the flavours delicate and a nice compliment to the dark chocolate.
– Mango and Paprika – I could mostly taste Mango with this, which works well with dark chocolate.
– Raspberry and Mint – This was my favourite from the collection, really nice combination, a nice Raspberry tang and the freshness of Mint. Yum. 
– Strawberry and Black Pepper – This my mother in law tried and did enjoy the light flavour.  I’m not a black pepper fan and avoid when possible.

A small box of Butterfly Thins*, this was my favourite box, I loved them all, from the design to the taste and it contained

– White Chocolate, Cherry & Poppy Seed – These were very tasty and disappeared rather quickly 
– White Chocolate, Hazelnut & Pistachio –
This had to have been my favourite from the bunch, I’m a fan of nuts (no dirty jokes…)
– White Chocolate, Matcha Green Tea and Sea Salt Caramel –
This one surprised me, it was a really nice combination
– Milk/White Chocolate, English Breakfast Tea & Almond –
Another tasty treat, nice and delicately flavoured

A medium box of Marbled Thins*, containing some rather unusual flavours

– Apricot & Avocado – One of the flavours that remained intact and was surprisingly good!
– Banana & Ginger – I rather liked this one too, I’m a fan of banana
– Strawberry, Basil & Lime – Another one I definitely tasted and the lime really shone through with just hints of strawberry and basil
– Orange & Rosemary – I believed I had a hint of one of these, although it may have blended with another chocolate. The blend was rather tasty.

All in all, the chocolates got a resounding thumbs up.  These would make the perfect gift, I immediately wanted to eat them all with a nice coffee while enjoying a good book, or with a nice glass of prosecco.  I can confirm they also work with a cup of tea in the sunshine!  Basically they work in various situations.  We felt thoroughly spoilt – which is the feeling you want while working your way through such splendid creations.

Raspberry & Cocoa Tea On Spoon

On To The Hot Drinks

Lets start with the Chocolate Cocoa Raspberry Tea*.   This is so incredibly tasty.  It gives you a hit of chocolate without being full on hot chocolate and it works so well with the raspberry.  I’m also a fan of the tea making process, I find it quite calming and gives me a nice break from work.  So if you have afternoon sugary cravings but don’t fancy eating lots of chocolate, this could be the one for you.  Thoroughly enjoyed it and I’ve a wee bit left that I’m saving, actually it probably won’t last that much longer.

On to the incredibly tasty Gourmet Hot Chocolate*.  Oh my good gravy.  I’m aware that it’s not necessarily the weather for hot chocolate at the minute.  That hasn’t stopped me – we did have the odd evening of rain or day of rain…plus cooler evenings sitting out in the sun with a hot chocolate – pretty good actually.  I have the Sea Salt flavour, Matcha Green Tea and Sea Salt Caramel and Spiced Dark Chocolate (which is vegan).  I make all of my hot chocolate with sweetened almond milk, so this likely changes the flavour.  I was a bit nervous of the Match Green Tea and Sea Salt Caramel if I’m honest, I put off trying it for a while.  It seemed like an odd mix but it is incredibly good, I am not messing about here.  It has a base of white chocolate and for me the strongest flavour that comes through is the caramel, with a slightly salty after taste.  I’m actually enjoying another mug of this flavour as I write this… it is good, trust me.    The Sea Salt flavour, also very tasty, it has just a slightly salty after taste, which I rather enjoy.    The Spiced Dark Chocolate is just a wonderfully rich dark goodness.  Also rather enjoyed this flavour.  I’m clearly a hot chocolate fan – even more so since I discovered how well almond milk works instead of dairy.  I’m a very happy girl.

I would recommend doubling the measurements for your hot chocolate, yes it is rich but I want a small mug of this stuff if I’m making it, not a cup.  A large mug might be too much because they are so very rich – you know the kind, they get the skin on the top if left to cool.  So a small mug is the way forward, about 250 – 300ml.

Steaming Raspberry & Cocoa Tea Pot

Pouring Tea

Paxton Chocolate Thins Close Up

So Are They Worth Buying?

Yes, without a doubt.  The are proper grown-up chocolates, you know the kind that were reserved for adults only when you were growing up.  Yes you can get your chocolate hit from a bag of buttons or a snickers.  However, if you want to treat yourself or a friend that needs a bit of love, these are the way to go.  I’m so impressed with the fact that they’re handmade, I mean do you see how impressive the decorations are?  They’re printed, but still.  Plus they taste amazing.  They’re also pretty reasonably priced, so you can definitely treat yourself without any of the guilt!  Win.  The hot chocolate, such an excellent idea, its the gift that keeps on giving.  Multiple evenings with a wee treat of hot chocolate, well it makes me happy.

* I was sent these products from Paxton Chocolates for review, all opinions are my own.

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    1. They were incredibly tasty, I still have some of the hot chocolate and tea, but the chocolates are long gone. I would recommend treating yourself 🙂

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