Swimming with Turtles | Bali Vlog 8

Swimming With Turtles

I’ve another travel vlog for you.  I’ve only video for this one again as it was pretty much all in the water and I was having far too much fun recording all of the fish and turtles!  So what did we do and how did we organise it?

We got chatting to our host – well the manager. Edy.  He had a friend that runs boat trips and we managed to organise a trip for the four of us for about £16 a head.  Which was an utter bargain really – we went out for 5 hours and visited four locations, stopping on Gili Air for an hour to eat lunch – which was also a bit amazing.

We spotted multiple turtles, which are so incredibly graceful in the water, plus the colourful shoals of fish.  We spotted surgeon fish, bluestripe fish and so many others that I just don’t know the name of.  It was utterly amazing.  I’ve included lots of gopro footage so you can get a feel for it all.  It was one of the things I would recommend doing the most.  I’d also recommend doing it privately with just a small group – we came across a few bigger organised tours and it was bedlam if I’m honest.  We were swimming with a turtle and then suddenly there were lots of people all following – which was grand.  Then some of them were diving down to take close up shots and attempting to touch the turtle etc.  You should not touch the turtles by the way – it stresses them out.  I had people pull me out of the way at one point too and I don’t appreciate being man handled by strangers – by anyone in fact.  So really consider going privately if possible.  There’s always someone that knows someone – ask around.

We did feed the fish at one spot – again they don’t do this in the same location all of the time, or every time.  The fish might adjust to being fed and it could be detrimental in the long term.

It was a magnificent trip and I would go again in the morning if I could.  Do it. Go snorkelling.  It’s worth it entirely.  In the mean time, you can watch the latest vlog and pretend – also, you could be an even bigger legend and subscribe to my youtube channel!!

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4 thoughts on “Swimming with Turtles | Bali Vlog 8

  1. I am so, so unspeakably jealous of your GoPro footage. We stayed on Gili Air for six days and I was determined to get some good underwater memories of the two of us bobbing along next to the turtles. I trekked across the island to the one tiny hut with a GoPro to rent only to find out that the day before, somebody had broken the waterproof casing. The man looked at me hopefully and said, “You can still rent? Just not for the water.”

    I stared at him with my perfectly capable camera-phone in my hand like…… No. No you’re good, thank you though.

    I would go back in a heartbeat though, that place was chill af. And this time I’d bring my brother’s GoPro!

    1. Aw you’re joking!!! We’ve a really old gopro 3 and it works a treat – I’m sure you could get one cheap for any other trips you go on. We had lunch on Gili Air, it was beautiful. Aw it’s a shame you don’t have the footage but you have the memory, it just blew my mind if I’m honest, I smile just thinking about it. I’d go back in the morning – I’ve never been so relaxed in my life to be honest, it was amazing. Bless his cottons for trying to get you to rent the camera without the case lol

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