Life Update: Where Are We? What Are We Doing? What Are Our Plans?

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So we’re back in England now for a few weeks, it took about a week to settle and I had jet lag a few days after we arrived – bit annoying really! We’re settling back to “normal” life. In saying that, we’re currently staying with Simon’s mum until we find our feet – Simon is job hunting, he has a few interviews coming up, so keep you’re fingers crossed! I was still working while I was away, just at a limited capacity. That has been gradually increasing again.

So What Are Our Plans?

Once Simon has a job sorted, we shall book our next trip. The current aim is to head for Iceland in the Autumn for a few days to see the Northern Lights and dunk ourselves in the Blue Lagoon. Maybe another city trip. Maybe a wee trip around America at the end of the year. As for next year, we’ve a friend in Canada that we’d like to visit and experience life in a cabin for a week.

What Are the Blog & YouTube Plans?

I’m aware it’s been pretty Travel heavy of late – I just love sharing my experiences with you all. Sadly my camera did take a bit of a bashing – that’s why some of the later vlogs are a bit lacking but we’re managed to sort it since returning to England. It turns out, it’s hard to fix a camera while travelling.

Beauty and Style posts will make a come back, hurrah! I miss my makeup – 90% of it is still in storage. I don’t quite have somewhere I can film just yet, however I’ve a room make over in mind, which will give me somewhere to film. So bear with me. As for Style, I’ve some excellent clothes I bought while away, that you can get online, so I decided to do a Summer Style post rather than haul. So expect some of those coming up.

I’ve also a different view point on the whole freelance life while travelling – so I’ll do a post or two on that. It was definitely an interesting experience. I did struggle at various points but learnt a lot.


OK, I’ve had a few life revelations while away. I was told by so many people that Bali would change me and my perspective on life, to be honest I did chuckle to myself, surely I have already changed so much, I’m already me. Turns out those people were right and I’ve come back with a changed perspective, on my health and exercise. I thought I’d share some of these shiny new things with you and take you on the journey with me.


I do still have a few videos left to pop up, so they’ll still arrive over the next few weeks, but they’re going back to Thursdays. I’m a bit annoyed at my lack of travel photos, but with a busted camera, I was stuck to my phone. To be honest it was nice to switch off for a bit and chill out. Helped me gain that new perspective I mentioned.


I’m changing my days to Monday and Thursday. Fridays just don’t work, whereas Thursdays seem to work much better for everyone. I will keep posting at 6pm as well as it fits in well with both UK and US, keeps everyone happy!

Other Excitement

Well I’ve actually designed a shiny new newsletter, I’m finally going to start sending out monthly updates! I know right! Well I did a wee bit of branding updating – did you notice the new banners? Simon created those for me, pretty shiny. So in the newsletter I’ll share things like blogs I love reading, or the new thing I discovered, as well as new things I’m doing.

I’m also getting stuck in with my Instagram again. It’s not all beauty orientated, it’s more in line with my vibes, it’s a splash of live, a touch of beauty and the odd bit of exercise and style. So a big old mix. I guarantee that they are all images that I love and I don’t post just for the sake of it. I’m also on my Facebook page more, I fancy more chats with people – hence the newsletter. So pop over and say hello, let’s be friends! Tell me the craic, I want to hear how your day is. Or you can get me on Twitter too.

So that’s the whole craic, you’re now fully caught up. When things start moving in regards to where we’re going to live – I’ll let you know and I’m really excited to take you on our next adventure!

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