Learning To Surf | Bali Vlog 6

So we finally learnt to surf!  We went to the Pro Surf School in Kuta and did a 3 day surf camp for 5,100,000 IDR (for both of us), which is about £301 – so not bad!  That includes shared accommodation (although we did get upgraded for free on the second day whoop), breakfast, 3 half day lessons and use of equipment in the evenings.  Sadly I was a bit ill on the third day (hooray for endometriosis!!!!).  It meant though that I was able to take some pictures of the training!

Each session starts out of the pool, going through the motions of what you’re focusing on that day, in this case it was practicing turns.  Simon was an absolute natural.  The other couple in the photos are an excellent couple from Hungary  Eszter and Andrew (Or Andreas – I think he changed it, I thought it was Anders!).  They were lovely and it was so much fun hanging out with them.

Once you’d got the hang of the motion out of the water, you were put in the pool to practice on huge foam surf boards – oh my god the marks I had from those boards…Also the pool was amazing – we spent so much time jumping off the decking above into the pool.  So much fun – I started the vlog with lots a few ridiculous shots of that!

After perfecting our moves in the pool it was off to the beach – which is just across the road.  The school photographer took some photos, so I’ve one of me!  I did manage to stand up a few times, but much improvement needed – more practicing when we get back to England.  Simon was a total natural, I spent a lot of time cheering and whooping when he stood up.

I was so pleased I managed to get this sequence of photos – perfect gif!  I have to say it was a great few days, the instructors are great and very helpful.  The know their stuff and gave us lots of information.  I did sometimes feel a wee bit overwhelmed, I just have a different learning style – tell me something and then let me go off and practice, giving me feedback while on the board is no good.  But I’ve lots of info to practice when we go surfing at home.

So was it worth the money? YES!  I would prefer if the surf school was in a different location as I wasn’t the biggest fan of Kuta – it was a bit of a culture shock going to Kuta after the chilled vibes of Ubud.  It’s very touristy, not in great ways.  But then we did end up just hiding after attempting to venture out on the first day.  So I’ve no doubt there are excellent parts of Kuta that we didn’t discover.  The Pro Surf School was really nice, clean, tidy and very chilled out.  Be warned if you have to work online – the internet isn’t the best, which was incredibly frustrating at points.  You can check out the vlog below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to get all the latest and make me all kinds of happy!


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