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Goa Gajah Sight

I’m back with another photo diary of our Bali travels.  You can check out the posts so far on Ubud Palace, Sacred Monkey Forest or Campuhan Ridge if you fancy a quick catch up! Today though I bring you the Elephant Cave or Goa Gajah.  We paid 15,000 IDR ~ 90p sterling each to enter.  So it’s very cheap to visit.  You must cover your knees, you can borrow a wrap when you show your ticket, you don’t need to buy one.

The mouth to the cave itself is covered in the faces of demons, the stories range from a witch that snatched children to the “regular” evil demons.  I think we can agree it’s a pretty dramatic entrance!  Simon definitely thought so….

Elephant Cave Goa GajahGoa Gajah Elephant Cave

Inside the cave is a statue of Ganesh at one end, decorated and three stone statues dedicated to Shiva, also decorated.  As you can imagine, it’s very dark inside with minimal lighting on the statues themselves.

Ganesha statueshiva goddess

We wandered the site a bit more drinking in the beauty of it all.  It is still an active archeological dig.  Below are what are thought to be Angel foundations.  I wanted to get in closer for photos, but was unsure if it was allowed, turned out it was…bit late realising that now!  Note to self, risk it for a biscuit in future – as long as I do no damage.  It really was just stunning spot.  We wound our way into the forest and even had a blessing from a rather ancient little woman, which was an experience to remember.

Goa Gajah AngelsGoa Gajah ForestBlessing at Goa Gajah Greenery at Goa GajahOffering Goa GajahSteps Up Goa Gajah

Can we take a moment for these tree roots.  They were the same on the other side.  So impressive!  It looked like it belonged on an alien planet somewhere.

Tree Roots Goa GajahStatue at Goa Gajah OutsideElephant Statue Goa Gajah

I rather enjoyed pottering around the Gao Gajah site.  It’s definitely worth a visit – although get a taxi out from Ubud, don’t walk out like us.  It’s along a main road and generally pretty hot.  You’ll just be a sweaty mess when you arrive.  If you have a scooter hired, go on that.  It’s only about 15minutes out of Ubud.  You can see our visit below in the vlog, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel too – I’ll be your best friend.

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