Campuhan Ridge Walk || Bali Photo Diary

We found this nature walk on Lonely Planet and decided it looked both doable and beautiful.  So off we went!  Note to self, don’t go around mid day, it’s hot and humid and it turned out to be about 11km start to finish for us.  We were exhausted by the end! The majority of the walk was stunning though.  As you join the trail, you walk past this glorious temple just peeking out.  I was almost blinded by the tower of gold!

After a bit of a steep incline the path starts to open up onto the valley below.  Clearly there are farmers in the area, I loved the signs dotted about.  No idea what they meant.  Of course I had to have a cheesy picture looking out over the valley.  A traveller requirement surely?  Just look at that view out over the valley though.  Stunning.

The path was incredibly busy – kinda surprising, given the heat.  I felt incredibly awkward taking photos, Simon the champ took a silly one of us instead!  He is just pulling silly faces, it’s what he does when left unattended.  

After more walking, we came across a small village, which unsurprisingly had nice architecture!  I just loved the vibrancy of the flowers against the black stone. There were a few rice fields about.  I love the staggered levels.  There was a bar near by to enjoy a coconut, however we were on a mission and kept going.  Bit of advice here if you do this walk, turn back here and go back the way you came.  We ended up walking back along a road that was quite busy and not that enjoyable to walk to be honest.

As we made it back into Ubud, we came across these locals prepping for an upcoming festival.  There are festivals happening all the time.  The shape of the decorations reminded me of the drooping rice in the picture above.  We could not enter the temple as our knees were out.

We also happened upon these weird little statues.  They were all different and just growing grass on the side of the road.  All a bit random but they really caught my eye.  I did enjoy our walk, but I wouldn’t recommend the loop, just go to the village and turn back.  No danger of getting run over, or having to walk in single file all the way.  You can check out the vlog below for a better nosy.

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