Weekly Vlog | We Moved Out

First May Vlog

We made it!  We’ve officially moved out.  It’s been a frantic week of finishing up lots of odds & sods.  A trip to London to collect our visas – which have been thankfully issued! 60 day Bali visas for the win!  This was then followed by lots of packing and sorting and generally just getting a whole heap of stuff done.

Sadly this means a very short weekly vlog, but I had to get something up as I missed Friday – due to mayhem and the video I had recorded, I just didn’t like it. So I’ll be redoing it this week.

For now I’m just happy I have internet, I have somewhere to sleep for the next couple of weeks before I’m off back to Northern Ireland before Bali!  I’ve a funny feeling the next few weeks will disappear pretty quickly.  Thank you all so much for your support and understanding while all of this madness is going on.

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