Weekly Vlog | Saying Goodbyes

Second weekly Vlog May 2017

Howdy!  Another new weekly vlog is up.  It’s been a royal mix this week.  I’ve started to meet up with friends to start saying my goodbyes, it’s all been a bit surreal on that front to be honest. Annoyingly I was quite ill with my endometriosis this week, but I didn’t include much of that – nobody needs to see me hugging a hot water bottle!

I spent a lovely afternoon on the beach, as well as a random beauty evening with Smashbox, trying out their new metallic lip products – I want all of the crazy colours.  They’re fab!  It was so nice to squeeze in one more beauty event before I leave Brighton!  I’m wondering when I’ll next get the chance considering I’m moving off to the countryside when we return!

We finished off the week by buying lots of sunscreen and bumping into the Children’s Parade, I was rather pleased to see a unicorn in the middle of it!  The repacking has also started – I fly off next week to Belfast, so it all had to get done…not the most fun thing but wonderful to have it sorted.

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