Weekly Vlog | Brighton to Ireland

Third Vlog May 2017

I’ve done it.  I’ve officially left Brighton.  I am no longer a resident there at all.  Sad times!  Although also incredibly exciting!!!! Yes all of those exclamation marks are necessary.  So this week has been a bit of a manic one as you might imagine.  We got the last of our injections, turns out the Hep B injection is sore.  Seriously.  Then I was off to Ireland.  I’ve been home almost a week at this point and I’ve managed to see all of my family that live in Ireland, go team!

I do love coming home, back to the peace of the countryside.  Bit unsurprising really to be fair.  The joy of hearing birdsong in the morning and not having to worry about noisy neighbours, or seagulls dive bombing!  Throw in the fact that I get to hang out with my nieces and nephews, well I’m a very happy girl!

I did take you along to a few things and shared snippets of catching up with friends.  Cake was involved.  As it always is, I’m not complaining!  Plus I’ve been under the weather, a mix of a bug from little people and overdoing the work.  It was bound to happen really.  I don’t mind getting it out of the way before we head off to Bali!

Anyway, you can go have a watch of the vlog. I hope you enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Vlog | Brighton to Ireland

  1. It must be so sad to leave that sea behind! I’ve never been to Bristol but it looks lovely. Good luck in your next chapter!

    Corinne x

    1. It is a bit sad, but I’ve been here so long, I’m ready for something new. Brighton is definitely worth a visit, highly recommend it!

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