Bali Photo Diary || Ubud Palace | Puri Saren Agung

Ubud Palace Entrance

We’ve been off seeing the sights in Ubud, so I’ve a few photojournal posts to share with you.  We’re starting with the Ubud Palace – Puri Saren Agung.  It is free to enter, with no dress code and it’s worth a wander.  As of May 2017, parts of it are under construction, which sadly means you can’t see it all.  Plus there are areas that are off limit as the Royal family still live in the palace.  OK details dealt with, let’s have a look shall we!

As you enter you are greeted with the above building in an open square.  There are a lot of open squares like this in Bali – it’s to do with the earthquakes I believe.  Rather than tall buildings, they spread their homes/businesses over more land and have multiple buildings.  How stunning is the stonework, it’s so very ornate.  I could spend hours just wandering the streets of Ubud looking at the detail work.

Once you’ve passed through the doors on either side, you arrive in another courtyard.  There is the beautiful, detailed doorway, I promise I was smiling – the sun came out just as we took the photo! There are also lots of statues around, which are dressed in various colourful, embroidered material, often with vibrant flower offerings in hand.

Ubud Palace Aine Sitting on StepsUbud Palace StatueUbud Palace Open Space

As we progressed further into the grounds we found more decorated doors we couldn’t enter, but also beautiful gated gardens.  With a host of the vibrant flowers that are found across all of Ubud.

Ubud Palace Stop Door

Below is another fine example of the Balinese stonework, as well as The Husband attempting to get a cool shot.  He’s all about the fun photos, you can always keep up with him on Instagram (or Instergram as he likes to call it) for all his silly shenanigans.  How stunning is it?  Can you understand why it takes me such a long time to walk places in this town?!  This was on the reverse of the entrance block (top picture).

Ubud Palace Simon GTS Ubud Palace Wall Piece

Ubud Palace Entrance from Behind

I’ll leave you with the statue below.  All of that stonework has been hand carved.  Can you understand my awe yet?  I’ve no doubt I will refer to it repeatedly over the next few weeks, but I hope you share my enthusiasm.  I’ve also included the vlog below so you can enjoy our wanderings.  It also has our trip to the Blanco museum and market – I will be popping up another post on these – I thought it might be a bit much putting all of the photos here!

Ubud Palace Breast Statue

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    1. It’s stunning just walking about, it’s wonderful. I’ve a few more of these to pop up and we’ve only been here just over a week! Loving it! You need to book it in for visiting

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