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I have raved about this skincare repeatedly lately.  It has appeared in my January and February Favourites posts, my Morning Skincare Routine 2017 and just general chats about skincare.  I am very much in love with this skincare, just in case you hadn’t guessed!

So what is this marvellous skincare?  It’s the Better Skin Formula.  It’s a bespoke skincare line created by blending oils and balms to meet the needs of your skin.  I had a facial with Claire and we discussed how my skin normally behaves and any issues I’m having, Claire also made various observations as I had my facial.  Claire then created a skincare set for me,  this contained 4 difference oils, a cleansing balm base, 2 bamboo cloths and a Konjac sponge.  You can also get an additional morning serum – which I’m a fan of and a moisturising balm – this is something to discuss with Claire, again I’m a massive fan of the Tea tree balm she created for me.


How to use oils & balms

Below you can see the 4 oils, and they each target different issues I was experiencing with my skin.

  1. Restore/Heal/Immunity
  2. Nourish/Balance
  3. Energise/Brighten/Smooth
  4. Anti-Oxidant/Anti-inflammatory/Cool

I would select an oil based on what my skin needed that day.  I might feel a blemish appearing, so I’d select 4, or maybe my skin is looking a bit dull, so I’d select 3.  I take a small amount of the cleansing balm and add a few drops of oil.  Then simply rub my hands together to blend the oil and balm, then apply directly to my face!

After removing the balm with the cloth, you will notice that there is still some of the product on your face.  This is on purpose.  This was a very different way of using skincare, I’m so used to adding the good stuff for my skin in the forms of serums, creams and lotions after I’d cleansed.  However, Claire puts lots of the good stuff into the cleanse.  So the product left on your face is still working away and doing great things.  It also means that you don’t need lots of your moisturiser/balm/serum.  I will at this point sometimes use the Konjac sponge if my skin is feeling congested – which is a rarity nowadays.  It acts as a gentle exfoliator.

The Difference

Below you can see the difference the skincare makes. I’ve attempted to keep the lighting as close as possible – the change in my hair colour doesn’t help matters.  Both photos are unedited.  You can see some of my eczema in the Before picture around my nose – this was just as it was kicking off, it would eventually go up the side of my nose and under my eye – you can see a small read patch in the After picture on the side of my nose.

Generally my skin looks brighter and clearer, much more even and less agitated.  It just looks happier and I get far fewer blemishes now.  My skin feels so much smoother, soft and much more elastic!  I’ve also noticed a reduction in the amount of blackheads on my nose.  This is because my skin is more elastic, so my pores aren’t stretched tight and they’re also not clogged with dirt.  As long as I remember to drink enough water and not eat my body weight in chocolate, I have perfect skin…currently chocolate is a frequent occurrence!

All in all, I am in love with this skincare line.  I have tried Emma Hardie (which I did love), this skincare wipes the floor with Emma Hardie.  I’ve also tried the likes of Oskia Renaissance skincare and so many other “must have” skincare products and although I did like them at the time, I cannot emphasise the fact that the Better Skin Formula just blows the rest out of the water.

It’s stripped back to basics, focusing on good quality oils that your skin needs, I cleanse, sometimes exfoliate and moisturise.  That’s it.  No fuss, just good simple skincare.  I have been using the skincare for almost 4 months and I’ve only just run out of 2 of the oils and my cleansing base is almost all gone.  So it lasts a very long time.  Which makes it wonderful value for money.

How can I get it?

OK, so now that I’ve raved about it all, how can you lay hands on this fabulous skincare?  You can visit the Better Skin Formula page, you can then book in a video session with Claire if you’re unable to visit for a skin consultation.  Once you’ve had this, Claire can create a blend of oils specifically for your skin.  The morning serum is soon to be released and a moisturising balm will also follow soon.  So go get your hands on the set now!

If you want to see the products in action, you can check out the video below, or the morning routine video as I most of the same products.

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