10 Little Things That Make Me Happy!

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Lately I’ve been caught up in either work, moving out of the flat, or getting our travels organised.  This has meant my blogging has taken a bit of a side line…plus I feel like a bit of a whirling dervish, except much less graceful.  So I thought it would be nice to sit down, listen to some music and write a proper blog post.  One that doesn’t have a video in it!  I know, bit of a rarity these days.

I was tagged by Lyndsay from Fizzy Peaches to do the 10 little things that make me happy a wee while ago – you can check out her post about her 10 little things that make her happy.

Hat Stealing

  1. First has to be hanging out with my husband, we don’t have to do anything fancy, but going off on mini adventures is always a winner – even better if we’re off skateboarding!   Although I do tend to fall off a lot…lacking practice!  Either way we generally end up having lots of chuckles along the way.
  2. I love quiet time with a book.  I could easily spend an entire day with a good book, my slanket (which was the best present ever) and multiple cups of tea, I would be so happy.  Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman or a good thriller please.
  3. Spending time with my little nieces & nephews.  I don’t do it as often as I would like.  So I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the last few weeks staying with various family members and getting to hang out with the little people.  I’m the cool aunty…that might be just in my head.
  4. Having the chats!  Just having a cup of tea with a friend or one of the family, it’s even better if we’ve known each other for years.  I’m still laughing about the marathon session I had with my friend Teresa – 13hours of catching up! We always come back to old stories that make us laugh.  I was talking about it in the most recent vlog.  So funny.
  5. Meg.  Dogs rock, I also love cats. Meg however, is a legend.  She’s my friend’s dog and she is just wonderful.  I think she likes me as much as I like her! Seriously!  I only get to see her once every few months at the minute, so when I do walk through her front door she utterly loses her mind.  To the point that she sings at me for about half an hour and constantly wagging her tail, plus following me around for the next few days – just to make sure.  It’s just as funny when I come out of the bedroom the next morning – she’s surprised that I’m still here and she goes nuts all over again.  Such a silly doggy.  Best squishes and affection and generally an excellent dog.
  6. Fresh breeze. You know what I mean. You’ve been stuck in a stuffy room/office/car and you get outside and there is a wonderful fresh breeze.  It’s slightly cool and it just smells fresh.  It blows away all the cobwebs and makes you feel awake.
  7. Finding jeans that fit and make me look good.  I’m tall, known fact.  I’ve 34″ inside leg.  My body is mostly legs really.  I’m also quite high waisted. I’ve always struggled to find jeans that fit, that don’t have that weird baggy bit at the front when they’re high waisted, also jeans that don’t cut my tummy – IBS issues, I don’t need anything causing me hassle.  So when I find a pair, I will wear them to death, then weep when they have to go in the bin.
  8. Having down time.  So this means I’ve done my work for the day and nothing is waiting to be done.  That includes anything social.  It means I can watch videos, netflix or read blogs without the guilt of knowing that I should be doing something productive.  Guilt free faffing I suppose!  It makes me happy.
  9. Getting things done.  I love the productive feeling.  You know when you have a day that you just smash through so much work that you kinda surprise yourself?  That.  Good vibes.
  10. Dancing.  All kinds work but to be specific, Irish dancing.  I’m not sure if you know this but I danced competitively until 2016.  I will be competing again in future – once the travels are done.  I could and do spend hours dancing, just drilling steps over and over, then you nail it and you could just high five everyone.  I also love the feeling of flying along, or drumming out a rhythm with my feet.  I miss it so much at the minute, but I will be back to it.  It makes me too happy not to!  Plus it’s the only form of exercise that I can stick to and thoroughly enjoy!

To keep the happiness vibes moving forward I’m going to tag a few people.  Hopefully they’ve not done it.  You should go check out their blogs too.  Worth a nosy!  Also, if you fancy doing this, tag me and let me know!  There are so many other people I would tag but it might get silly.

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8 thoughts on “10 Little Things That Make Me Happy!

  1. Well this is is just all kinds of adorable, I’ll make it my next Wonderful Wednesday! And I think I did vaguely know about the dancing but it is always an awesome thing. Hurrah for hanging out with lovely people and small children. And spending a day in a slanket!
    Thanks for inviting me to join in, this is a lovely one.
    M x

    1. Aw yay! I look forward to reading it!! It’s nice to remember the good things. Glad you’re happy to join the fun 🙂

  2. Yes to all of these!! Esp a good book (and you have clearly excellent taste in books). I don’t have a slanket but I do wear my dressing gown backwards when I read in bed so I have lovely snuggly warm arms and it is pretty heavenly! I may need a slanket in my life tho. xx

    1. I like your thinking – dressing gown backwards is a cracking idea! You do need a slanket in your life though, they utterly rock!

  3. What’s a slanket? Also dancing is my fave! I need to do it more, as I used to spend a couple of hours at it every day but now it’s mainly just work, watch OITNB while half-working and half-having-a-break and work some more (because as you mentioned, the productive feeling is so great — major buzz 100%).

    1. You don’t know what a slanket is? It’s an enormous blanket with sleeves in! Perfect! I must get caught up on OITNB I’ve not seen the latest series!

  4. Yay for happy things. You know if you find a great pair of jeans, you could always buy two pairs so when the first ones are unwearable, you can start wearing the second pair?

    1. I’ve done this in the past, sadly the latest pair were bought in Ireland and couldn’t find them in England or online, must have been the end of a run. I tend to do similar with shoes too….

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