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First April Vlog 2017

Shiny new weekly vlog.  It’s been a bit exciting really!  Ever since we booked our flights we’ve been gradually ticking off the list of things to sort.  We are now the official holders of International Driver’s Permits…I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but I doubt I can do much harm on a scooter!  It will definitely be needed in Bali, something I’m quite looking forward to!!

I keep imagining myself on a scooter driving into the mountains to investigate some temples, or heading off to the beach for the day.  I’m sure I’ll find more adventures to have.   We also decided to get a couple of books, we went with two…one each and we can swap over.

Aside from that I managed to get quite a bit of exercise done this week, I’m determined to be strong by the time we go to Bali.  I want to be able to hike, surf and all sorts without being out of breath and struggling to keep up.  I pop up the exercise video I do over on my Honestly Aine facebook page, so you can do it with me if you fancy!

We rounded out the week enjoying a few cocktails with a BBQ at my brother’s.  A rather good week actually!

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