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Second April Vlog 2017

It’s been a rather mixed week if I’m honest!  Work unsurprisingly took over – I’m working my backside off so I can ease up while I’m away.  Although it did mean that I missed out on an excellent blogger event, with cocktails and nibbles!  Gutted.  Thankfully I made up for it a wee bit when I met Zoe for a coffee and brain dumping session – we had an excellent Hot Cross Donut at The Longhouse cafe.  Seriously good!

We did manage to get our accommodation for Bali sorted as well, which is rather excellent as our first attempt failed.  Now we’ve actually got somewhere better!  There was also a delivery of some excellent holiday clothing and sandals, I’m starting to get excited!  Although it also means that we have to start packing up the flat soon – I can’t believe how quickly the time is flying.  We’re basically moving out in two weeks!!!! I can’t believe it.  10 years of living in Brighton are coming to an end.

New adventures await!  This week coming I’ve lots on, so you’ll be able to come along to those.  I’ve a day of filming for two clients, an event at Smashbox and a Brighton bloggers meetup.  Plus all the normal activity.  I’m clearly going to need to lie down when this is all over….oh wait, I will be! In BALI!

I hope you enjoy this mash of activity from the last week.

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