Weekly Vlog | London Fun & Styling It Out!

Would you look at that, another post up on time.  Someone get me a medal… OK maybe not.  However, I do have this rather fun weekly vlog for you!

As you can imagine we did fit in some more packing, slow and steady.  We’re hoping to just keep chipping away at it until we’re fully packed.  Which has to happen pretty soon as this time next week, we’ll be officially moved out!  Done!  I’m still surprised with amount of clutter we discover with each stage of packing up!  I think the running total is about 7 or 8 bin bags of rubbish.  Mad to think that things would’ve have been much tidier if I’d taken the time to declutter sooner.

Aside from all of the packing, we also went to London to start the process of getting our travel visas sorted.  There was a bit of bedlam with that, but we hopefully have it sorted.  We’ll soon find out when I pop up to London next week when I go back to collect them.  It was rather fun, we stumbled across a few tourist sites and then found a cool freelance workspace at the Timber Yard in Soho.  Very cool space, definitely check it out – although if you’re looking to work there, get in early as it was packed.

I finished off the week with a visit to Lyndsay, met her beautiful daughter Violet before we went to a Elif Köse for a styling evening.  I tried on beautiful clothes, expect a blog post later this week for a look at the trousers I fell in love with, or you can check out this Instagram post for a sneak peek.

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