The Sussex Company Vodka Martini

Blackdown Vodka Martini gift set

So it’s the weekend and your off to a BBQ celebrating something undoubtedly wonderful. What gift do you bring?  I’m rather partial to a cocktail or two on a summer’s evening.  So of course, I bring the gift of a rather snazzy Vodka Martini gift set.  This particular set was sent to me from The Sussex Hamper Company*.  I have to admit, it was incredibly well timed arrival!

The weather has just started to improve, lots of sunshine.  So I thought what a perfect excuse for a few cocktails with family on a chilled sunny Sunday afternoon.  While my brother was BBQing, I decided it was a good time to have a Vodka Martini, Simon decided to have Vodka, lemonade with freshly cut strawberries along with my sister-in-law.  I’m always a bit hesitant with vodka martinis, the vodka can sometimes be a wee bit sharp.  However, the Blackdown Silver Birch vodka* was incredibly smooth, win.   I did 3 to 1 with the vodka & vermouth measurements.

Blackdown Vodka Martini

Vodka and strawberries
Enjoying a cocktail

It definitely felt like summer was saying hello and my brother was delighted with his gift set, the sturdy wooden box it arrived in has already been repurposed as an arts & crafts box for my niece!  It has really strong leather straps and closing snaps means my niece won’t be able to get in to cause any glitter mayhem!

It was a wonderful afternoon & evening spent enjoying good food, great company and various cocktails.  Hello summer and bring on all the sunshine.  I definitely recommend checking out The Sussex Martini* gift set from The Sussex Hamper company.  It was a great alternative gift for my brother, there are similar other boxes available. Also a perfect gift if you’re not able to personally deliver something yourself.

BBQ food

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