Weekly Vlog | Latest In Beauty laughs & new L’Oreal Pro hair!

March Weekly Vlog

So I thought I’d show you what my week looks like when I’ve lots on. It’s all a bit chaotic, but that’s no bad thing.  It was all fun! I’ve shown you behind the scenes of keeping up with the freelance work, while attending blogger events up in London.

I went along to the Latest In Beauty Beauty & The Beast event, which was all kinds of fun!  I also wrote a post, Latest In Beauty Beauty and The Beast Unboxing so you can see what I got up to and what was in the box, just in case you fancied a better look.  Then later in the week I went to the L’Oreal Pro day.  As you’ve probably seen over on my Instagram, I’ve had a bit of a hair transformation!  I managed to capture fun footage from throughout the makeover, including the photo shoot!  It was such a wonderful day and I love my new hair.

This isn’t a typical week, however, you get the idea.  Some weeks I will have multiple client meetings throughout the week, some weeks I’ve blogger events.  Either way, it generally means I struggle to maintain a routine!  I’m working on it though, although I must admit it’s been hard recently trying to keep up the blogging and vlogging.  I will get there, I want to continue it though, it makes me happy.

Right back to the point of this post! The vlog is below.  If you fancy subscribing to my channel, that would be amazing and I’d be high fiving you for a week.

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