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Second March Vlog 17

This has been a busy week again, this time on the freelancing front, which I was grateful for as some serious catch up time was needed.  I worked from Platf9rm and I’m quite enjoying the space.  Definitely somewhere I’ll enjoy working from over the next month.

I’ve also talked about the various tools I use as part of my day to day working life such as Trell0 to manage my to-dos for all clients, Harvest – which I plug into Trello and Harvest records my time – handy for invoicing at the end of the month.  I also use Moz to track a few things for clients – all the SEO and general site health can be found on Moz.  I explain things a bit better in the video, well I think I do.  I will do a proper list of tools and things I use in future.

So if you’re interested in freelancing and social media, this is the vlog for you.  You can get a glimpse into my working world when I’m slammed!

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