Makeup Decluttering Part Two | Lips & Base

Lips before declutter

Hooray, back for more! You can see the rules I followed to declutter my eyeshadows & blushers etc in the Decluttering Makeup Part One.  I’ve followed similar in this instance, but with a few tweaks.    We’re starting with lip products, you can see my before above and below are the products I decided to chuck or re-home.

1.Take Everything Out

This rule still applies, get everything out of your drawers! It gives you a clear picture of what you have and it’s more effort to put something back that you don’t really need! Plus you’ll discover products you’d entirely forgotten about.  Along with the fact that it gives you time to rearrange your organisation.

2. Get Rid of Out of Date Products

If you’re anything like me…like most of us, we know which products are out of date, mostly.  With lip gloss you have 1year, with lipstick you have up to 2years.  Now I do follow this for glosses, however if I have a lip product that is fine, no bad smell, the consistency is the same and the application is the same, I would say this product is fine to keep using.  If that gloss is gross and gloopy, throw it out now, it’s not coming back!

3. Swatch Everything

As you might expect, swatch everything.  This gives you the ability to see what you have and to spot any dupes or spot any products you just don’t love any more.  Swatch it all, have baby wipes on hand!
Lip Products to Bin

4. Get Rid of Dupes

If you have products that are the same shade and practically the same finish, get rid! Even if the finish is different, I would bet that you always pick one over the other.  You don’t need it, you need to get rid.

5. Chuck Products You Don’t Wear or Don’t Like Wearing

We’ve all bought that product, whether it’s a slightly dark foundation – don’t worry, I’ll get a tan this year and wear it…unless you fake tan regularly or you actually know that you will change in colour, I would chuck it.  Being pale, you can guarantee I have foundations that are a tad dark for me, or that I just never wear because it sits funny.  To the bin with you!  I’m sure you have products that fall under this – the odd brow pencil shade? The patchy foundation? If you’re self conscious when you wear it because it doesn’t sit right, it’s defeating the purpose of makeup!  Which is to be a joyful thing…well in my opinion anyway.

Below are the after shots from my base drawer, top shows what I kept and below is what I chucked.  You can imagine my pile of makeup that I’m decluttering is continuing to grow!  You can have a look at the video below for more of a nosy.

Organised Face Products

Face Products to Bin

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    1. But I culled it down! I need a lot…have you not gathered this yet? You’d be surprised at how often I actually wear them all, I love them 🙂

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