Makeup Decluttering Part One | Eyeshadow, Blusher & Highlight

Eyeshadow Declutter

It’s about time I started to declutter my makeup, I rarely do, so I’ve all manner of products clogged with bacteria as well as other products that just gather dust. I’ve also gradually accumulated dupes in every type of product…why?! So it’s time to sort it all out and give away lots and bin the rest.  I’ve put together a bit of a strategy to this, although there is no particular order. 

1.Swatch Everything

This was a bit painful – literally, swatching everything and then rubbing it off with baby wipes, I was bruised and stained for a few days! It was great though and it massively helped to thin my eyeshadows.  I got right of eyeshadows that were the same, or very similar.  It also highlighted areas that I have a massive selection of colours that I just forget about.

2.Get Rid of Dupes

You don’t need them, you really don’t.  If you have two eyeshadows that are the same colour, slightly different tone or finish, which one do you actually use?  Or if you use both, that’s fine, keep them.  If like me, you think you will one day, you won’t.  Just get rid.

3.Keep the Things You Use

Painfully obvious here, similar to the last point, only keep the things you use the most.  If you have an eyeshadow you use once a year and then forget about it again, do you actually need it?  Or are you only using it once a year to make you feel less guilty about owning it?  If you don’t use it regularly, or at least more than once or twice a year, sling it – or alternatively, force yourself to use it four times in the next month and decide if you like it or not.

4.Get Rid of the Single, Keep the Palette

In my case I would find dupes of singles and shadows in palettes.  More often than not I liked more than one eyeshadow in the palette, so for me it made sense to get rid of the single and keep the palette.  For you it might be wiser to get rid of the palette and keep the single.  It all depends on if you actually like multiple eyeshadows from the palette.

5.Take it ALL Out

Do a Marie Kondo and take everything out of it’s drawer or storage.  This forces a decision, am I putting this back and gather more dust or am I getting rid?  Plus it gives you a chance to clean out your storage!  Also you get to check expiry dates. Bin cream products that are past their best.

6.Clean your Makeup

As you put your makeup back, give the packaging a wee wipe down.  You’ll already have baby wipes on hand to remove all your swatches, so you may as well clean up your makeup while you’re at it.  Eyeshadows in particular are a pain for gathering other eyeshadow on the packaging.

This worked for getting decluttering my eyeshadows, blushers and highlighters.  I was a bit surprised to find I had two gold highlighters that were identical and the same with a rose gold highlighter.  I don’t have that many highlighters, how on earth did I manage that?

I was sad to get rid of some of the products, but I was only keeping them as I’m a hoarder at heart.  I’ve done my lipsticks and face, so they’re a wee bit different for me.  So I’ll write up a post all on those too.  If you want to see before and after shots of my storage, you can check out my video below.  These two photos are the products I cleared out so far!

Blusher and Highlighter declutter

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6 thoughts on “Makeup Decluttering Part One | Eyeshadow, Blusher & Highlight

    1. I am a bit too, I think that’s what finally inspired me to sort out my own collection. I definitely won’t be buying things for a wee while until I make more use out of the makeup that I have!

    1. Once you’re well, you need to visit and pick anything you fancy. I thought it’d be nice to give bits to friends or donate 🙂 Hope you feel better soon x

    1. I was the same! Watching lots of decluttering stuff so I could work up to doing it myself! I managed it in a few hours, I was surprised at how quickly it got done.

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