February Beauty Favourites

February Favourites 2017

Hooray for shiny new favourites!  It’s all about the beauty this month, surprised?  Didn’t think so.  My first favourite I don’t actually have a proper picture of at the minute – it’s my excellent new hair.  You would’ve seen the transformation in the latest vlog post.  I promise to pop up a picture very soon, honest.  I love it, the blues are so vibrant and I love the reds and purples mixed in.  It makes me feel like an absolute badass if I’m honest.  You can check out that post to see what I’m talking about.


I think fake nails count as makeup…no the don’t really do they.  None the less, I love them.  These are from Elegant Touch* and they’re the stick-on variety, no glue needed.  I love them because there is no fuss, they last really well and are quick to apply!  Plus they help break my habit of picking at my nails, something I’m struggling with at the minute.  They’ve helped my nails look fabulous at the recent events and give me some hand confidence – which is a thing…I think.

For actual makeup I’m still loving my Kat Von D Lock It foundation*, it wears so well how could I not!  I think though it may be a wee bit dark for me, or maybe it just oxidises on my skin a touch, either way, it has been looking a touch dark for me lately.  Hooray for lightening drops!  This is a great foundation, I’d recommend reading the review if you want more information.  A blush I have rediscovered is the mac sheertone blush* in Dollymix.  It’s a lovely medium pink that just adds a wonderful pop of colour.  You can gradually build it up or layer it with a different blush to add a bit more dimension to your look.  I’m so glad I dug it out.

I’ve been a touch in love with the Glo & Ray Longwear Precision Liquid Eyeliner.  It has a brush tip applicator and it really does wear for a very, very long time.  In fact, it stays put until I remove it.  It’s fully opaque, even on first application.  It’s easy to create a fine line or thicken it up.  Love.  Go check it out.  While we’re on the eyes, let’s talk about the NYX Color Mascara* in Purple/Violet  I’m clearly on a colourful kick at the minute and something I’ve added to my routine is adding a touch of colour to my lashes. After I’ve applied a regular black mascara, I take this mascara just on the tips of my lashes.  Just for that pop of colour, I think it helps my eyes look even bluer – but that might just be in my head.  Either way, I love it.

February Favourites 2017 Close Ups


I am all about the skincare lately and my skin is generally thanking me for it.  First are some samples from Samaya I have a cleanser and moisturiser that I used while I have been away for long weekends.  I always struggle to find travel sizes that work, so to have these samples on hand was wonderful.  I have samples of the Kapha range, which has a wonderful smoky smell, I love it.  My skin also enjoyed it!  It behaved the entire time I used it, even though the water changed from hard to soft and I was eating all sorts.  So I’m pleased I had these with me, I will do a proper review soon – once I write up my current skincare favourites.

So my main skincare at the minute is all from the Better Skin Formula.  I added a night balm/oil and a morning oil to top up my cleansing routine and my skin has been thanking me for it.  I’ve done a post all about my morning skincare routine.  The routine has made my skin feel much more elastic, it looks more vibrant and my eczema is practically gone!  As the elasticity has returned to my skin, I have fewer clogged pores too! Winner.  Add in the fact that the weird lumps I get along my jaw are disappearing too.  Well I’m just incredibly impressed with how effective it all is.  Then again, it is bespoke skincare, so it stands to reason really.  Again, expect a review very soon!

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