Weekly Vlog | Blogger chats, Public Speaking & Photoshoot

Weekly Vlog 2 February 2017

Check it out! Another weekly vlog, I’m actually regaining control of my time…well that’s what I tell myself anyway.  Time for our weekly catch up, as you’ve probably guessed from my twitter and instagram postings, it’s been fun, nerve wrecking and busy.

It all started with a visit to Lyndsay for tea & cake along with a few of the other girls.  Rather lovely.  I also got to visit Natalie on Tuesday and go for dog walks, how cute is Mackey.  It was nice to have all the SEO chats and blogger stats to start my week off well.  On Wednesday I  went along to a Creative Entrepreneurs Hub and gave a little speech all about what I do and the course I’m creating.  I shook the entire time but I’m so pleased I did it.   Thursday was packed with client meetings, two new exciting projects in the pipeline!  Then I rounded it all up with a couples photoshoot with Kitty from Kitty Wheeler Shaw photography.

I’m looking forward to a more productive week at home next week if I’m honest!

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