Ode to my rockstar husband

Pulling Faces

This is definitely a bit of a story post.  As it’s Valentine’s Day I thought I’d share the story of myself and my crazy husband.  Especially as I have these beautiful photos from Kitty Wheeler Shaw – she brought us out on a couples photoshoot, which was actually really good fun.  It brought up all sorts of memories as we brought Kitty to some of our favourite spots.  Did you know that we actually got engaged on the beach?  Or that I asked my husband to marry me?

I actually met Simon on MySpace – does anyone remember that?  I asked to be his friend…something he likes to remind me of.   After a month or so of getting to know each other, he decided to come for a visit.  Then he visited every weekend and actually moved in only 3 months after that first “in person” meeting.  It was very fast for both of us to be honest, but it felt perfectly normal.

Hat Stealing

After about four months of living in a shared house, we decided to try living on our own!  It’s clearly been a roaring success, ten years later and we’re still as happy, actually more so.  We were together four years, before, on a summer’s day, I asked Simon if he fancied getting married, his response was “Yeah, why not, I’m not doing anything else”… pretty chilled really!

HugsRock On
We did eventually get around to the wedding after about 3 years, we clearly had other things to be doing!  We’ll also be 3 years married in a few months!  Almost ten years together in total!  That came as a bit of a surprise, it still feels new and shiny and so much fun, surely that disappears as we grow older together?  Or so I’ve heard….well maybe not.  In saying all that, it feels like I’ve known him a lifetime too.  Bit contradictory there…

It was a wonderful way to spend the day!  Laughing on the beach, playing on our skateboards and spending far too long discovering treasures in the Flea Market.  I think we both forgot the Kitty was following us about half the time to be honest.  There was no forced posing, thank god, as neither of us are big fans of PDAs.  There was however, lots of laughing like fools and thoroughly enjoying ourselves.  I think she did an amazing job of capturing us as a couple.  You’d be surprised at how much of the time we spend laughing.  It’s one of the things that drew me to Simon and keeps us together through it all.  Laughter.

Laughing in the Laundrette Mirror reflectionsRecord ShoppingKiss outside the flea market

He’s also helped me let go of what other people think of me.  I have much more fun now, I don’t mind at all what people think of me.  I’m too busy enjoying myself and generally chuckling at some ridiculous thing Simon has said.  He’s also incredibly kind and supportive.  He was part of the reason I had the guts to go freelance, I knew he would be cheering me on and would catch me if it all went to sh!t.

Winner Walking Away

I do love this shot below, it captures his oddness nicely, good job Kitty!  If you are ever looking for photographer in Brighton, or surrounding areas – she’s off to Tuscany for a wedding photoshoot soon – Kitty is your girl.  She will capture that spark and will try all sorts to get her shot, she will put you at your ease and enjoy being along for the ride.  We did stop and have a cuppa at one point, she’s a good egg, we shared a few stories and just hung out.  She is definitely rather wonderful, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Simon's Confused Face Petting the Dogs

I will post the rest of the photos over on my Honestly Aine facebook page, so you can have a look at the wonderful pictures – I had such a hard time trying to decide which photos to post up here.   You can also check out Kitty’s facebook page here.  It felt incredibly nostalgic pottering about for a few hours, doing some of our favourite things, I also felt more affectionate towards Simon too.  I just wanted to give him all the hugs and listen to records.  So I thought this would be perfect to post today.  Valentine’s day.

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14 thoughts on “Ode to my rockstar husband

    1. I think she did a great job, I thought it would be fun to share a tiny piece of our story. I love Kitty’s photography, stunning images.

    1. Thank you Kitty! It was all of the fun and I’m still looking at the photos over and over again with the biggest grin. Thank you so much for them, they’re stunning!

  1. This is the loveliest couply post I’ve ever read! Without it being all soppy you made me go awwwwwwh for way too long haha! The photos are absolutely amazing, Kitty has done such a good job! Here’s to many more decades together for you two!!:) xxx

    1. Thank you Tereza! I was worried it was going to come across really cheesy. Glad it didn’t! Kitty is an excellent photographer, she did a great job 🙂 Thank you xx

  2. Aww! Happy Valentine’s Day to you both! This post is so lovely – your happiness together shines out of your words and your faces in the gorgeous photos. Kitty is indeed a marvel, but with such great models the photos were always going to be great! Thank you for sharing! x

    1. She did an amazing job, she’s so wonderful. Put us both at ease and had lots of chuckles along the way. I hope you’ve had a wonderful day – hopefully singing lots of songs 🙂

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