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Duppy Share Rum Punch

If you caught the last vlog post – Weekly Vlog | Decluttering & Parties – you would have seen my trip up to London!  I went along to the Blogosphere Magazine Valentine’s Tea Party.  It was rather good fun, I mean to be greeted with a Rum cocktail from Duppy Share, how could it not be fun!  So let’s take a peek at what was on offer.

Samaya Skin Care Samaya Samples

There was a selection of skincare from Samaya, this is definitely something of interest – as we know I’ve become more and more of a fan of natural skincare.  There is a test on their website to discover which dosha you are – I am more of a Pitta, which the lovely lady thought on the day, however, I was drawn to the scent of the Kapha.  I do love earthy scents.  We are never just one thing and it all depends on how we are feeling on the day.  I’m looking forward to trying out the products they provided – you can spot them in the goody bag below.

Dr Lipp
Then we’re on to Dr Lipp, the original nipple balm.  I’ve used this in the past and I’m a fan, so I was delighted to receive a one in our goody bag.  A brand I had not heard of was Glo & Ray.  I’m more than a little bit impressed with their coloured eyeliners, I swatched a few and they did not budge in the slightest!  I had to get their cleanser to remove it, it still required a bit of rubbing!  So I can imagine once you’ve applied this liner, it will stay put until the end of any day or dance filled night!  They’ve also a great selection of lipsticks and beautiful eyeshadows.  I do go a bit swatch crazy and I can’t wait to play with the products we received.  Definitely a brand I need to investigate further, I love the sleek look and feel of their packaging as well.

Glo Ray Eyeshadows Glo Ray LipsticksGlo Ray Eyeliners

Lastly, we’re on to Kat Von D.  As you might expect, there was much excitement over this stand!  I queued up like everyone else to get colour-matched, for once I wasn’t the lightest shade on offer!  That was a bit of a novel experience.  I’m actually Light Cool 44.  Hooray!  We are being sent out a foundation in the post, which I was a tad excited about!  Of course, I swatched everything in sight and was impressed with everything, unsurprising really. I mean look at those highlighters!  Duochrome goodness!

Kat Von D MakeupKat Von D HighlightersKat Von D Lip

There was also a cool photo booth by The Flash Pack, we all got to pretend that we were the next big thing by being on the Blogosphere Magazine cover.  If you follow me on Instagram you no doubt seen this pop-up.  Lots of people thought it was the real deal – clearly my wit didn’t translate without my tone of voice, however, it clearly means that I will be on the cover of a magazine one day!

As you can see, it was a wonderful event, it was held in the same building as the Blogosphere Summer Party last year, you can click on that link to get an idea on the venue, or just watch Monday’s vlog.  There were various talks going on throughout the afternoon, which were lovely….although I may have been queueing for my Kat Von D colour match so I missed some of them.  Next time mics are needed!  It was lovely day overall and definitely worth popping up to London for.  I got to chat to Vicki from Lifestyle Maven – hooray for coloured hair, I’m easy to spot!  I thoroughly enjoyed my day and I went home happy and exhausted.  I’m looking forward to the next event!  For now I will busy myself playing with all of the new products in our goody bags.

Blogopshere Valentines Goody BagGlo Ray & Kat Von D Makeup

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8 thoughts on “Blogosphere Valentine’s Party

    1. It was lots of fun – you need to subscribe to their events email list – or I may have spotted it on Twitter. I think I need a sticker in front of my desk reminding me to let you know about stuff. I did mean to tell you that time when we went bowling, but forgot. Someone needs to sort my head. All of the fun!

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