Hollywood Bowl Opening Night

Ribbon Cutting

Last Thursday I got invited along to the Opening night of the Hollywood Bowl in Brighton!  It was once upon a time the Bowlplex, which had definitely seen better days.  As I’m so utterly amazing at bowling *lies, all lies*, I went along with Holly from Closing Winter.  I’m so glad I went, we had the best fun, we’re actually planning a night there before I leave the country.  No doubt you seen some of our silliness in the latest vlog post.

We were greeted with a nice glass of fizz and we had the chance to have a bit of a mooch about before things all kicked off.  I’m loving the new decor, I’m a fan of all things “vintagey” American.  So I loved the posters on the walls, the classic diner and generally the glitzy feel of the place.  I think the fresh decor and friendly staff have definitely helped to breathe life into the place again.  There was even a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, who was utterly fabulous.

Wall of memorabilia

There are 26 lanes, two of which are VIP lanes which looked plush.  The VIP lanes had fancy comfy seating and curtained area.  They even have bowling balls that look like pool table balls, you can spot them in the ribbon cutting picture.  Holly and I played two games and it turns out I really am utterly awful at bowling, I did manage a strike though! So that’s something. Holly wiped the floor with me completely.  As we bowled, various nibbles were being served.  I’m still allowed a bit of gluten, so I sampled it all.  There were burgers, buttermilk chicken wings, hot dogs with bacon and cheese, all great for a night at the bowling alley! We even had a milkshake, mine was Strawberry and it was very tasty!  I love the new Diner, in particular the car booth, can you blame me?

Bowling BallsBowling LanesDiner Milkshakes Diner SignDiner Car Booth

After bowling, we investigated the arcade areas.  There are two main sections, one aimed at younger children..no we didn’t try out those games…much.  We did spend most of our time shooting hoops, something I’m actually vaguely good at! So I did manage to reclaim some of my dignity and beat Holly a few times.  Although Holly managed the epic feat of bouncing one of the basketballs out of the game…thankfully I caught that on video, you can watch the vlog for that mishap!  We progressed on to shooting games and I have to admit I thoroughly enjoying playing the Jurassic Shoot ’em up.  After a few hours of having all the fun, we left with big grins on our faces and planning our next visit, this time with all of us!  I’d really consider taking advantage of the Celebration package and do it in style, make a real evening of it.  Definitely recommend paying a visit to your local Hollywood Bowl.  I shall leave you with a picture of Holly looking very pleased with her winner’s certificate.

Holly Closing Winter

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