How to have fun without spending money!

Affordable ways to have fun

January can seem like a painfully long month, most of us got paid before Christmas and it’s often 5 weeks between paydays, so it’s important to make those funds stretch.  So how can we cheer up a dreary January? Come up with new ways to have fun, or at least remember there are other options available!

1. Get your friends over for a games night. Most of us have a deck of cards, or a board game gathering dust. I have all sorts of games, from Cards Against Humanity to and alien version of Guess Who! Why not make it into some sort of tournament? Swapping games amongst people. If you’ve only a deck of cards, why not google a new card game? You can all learn it together!
2. Get outside for a walk, either with friends or by yourself. Getting some fresh air can work all manner of wonders. You can always download a podcast or two to listen to while you walk, or music, or just enjoy the noises of everyday life. I like to mix it up.  Google local trails, plan a new adventure! Pack a flask of tea or even a mini picnic.  Discover somewhere new.
3. Run out of books to read?  Can you swap with some friends? If you’re worried about getting your books back, make a list of what you are swapping.  The same applies to DVDs.  I’m currently doing this with a few friends, it’s so exciting getting a new book in the post!  Don’t forget there are libraries that loan out books for free, winner.
4. Remember that hobby you started but forgot about? Is it gathering dust in the corner? Was it photography, or learning to knit? Or was it just the colouring books that you’ve forgotten about? Dig it out, have a play, see if you enjoy it again.  In my case, it’s getting back into my photography, which makes me go for walks and viewing the world in a different light. It also means I’m figuring out how to edit them as best as I can. Why not set yourself a challenge? For me, I want to make sure I take 5 different pictures each week.  Maybe you’ve nothing new to work on, maybe it’s time to learn a magic trick, seriously how impressive, the next time you’re hanging out with people, you’ll be able to whip out this amazing card trick.
5. The classic dinner with friends. You can each bring a different dish to share, potluck dinner!  You can set a limit so everyone spends £5 and you end up with a delicious dinner to share with friends.  Also if you have drinks left over from the festive season, maybe everyone can bring their left over bottles.  Then google a few cocktail recipes, you never know, you might discover a new favourite drink.

Tell me how you save money while still having all the fun.  I’m keen to know more!  We all know these things, but it’s nice to have wee reminders of the obvious sometimes.  You never know, it might spark an idea for something else.

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4 thoughts on “How to have fun without spending money!

  1. These are all fab ideas! I’m all for saving money now I’m on maternity leave! I think high on my list are finishing off old hobbies (I have about 5 crochet projects and a scrapbook, all unfinished!) and reading/book swapping.

    Lyndsay xx

    1. Ah how funny, I was just catching up on your baby shower post! I’m a killer for discarding hobbies..I’ve actually just uncovered a dusty jewellery bead set! Disaster. I’m sure you’ll have lots to keep you occupied 🙂

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