December Favourites

December Favourites 2016. Including Hair care, Skin care, Makeup and Fashion.

A wee bit late to the party here, however, I’ve a few rather excellent new products to share with you, so ya know….well it required a favourites.  One favourite is definitely a love/hate product.  I think though we should dive in head first!

Hair Care

Wee joke there.  I’ve been loving this Ultimate Color Repair shampoo* and conditioner* combo from Paul Mitchell.  I was introduced to these at the Salon Success party and I’ve been in love since.  It does a great job at cleaning and conditioning my hair without stripping it my hair and leaving it dry.  This combo leaves my hair wonderfully soft and clean, it’s also anti-fade, so my hair colour is definitely lasting!  I’ve notice a massive difference since I coloured my hair, it really is hanging on a bit longer.  Quite a feat considering how porous my hair is!

Also hair care, the L’Avoly The Special One, which is a 10 in 1 miracle of sorts.  It can detangle, smooth, anti-frizz, heat protect…you get the idea.  I use a tiny amount of this and run it through my hair with my fingers.  Then get on with my normal hair care routine.  It’s very lightweight on the hair and it’s so nice that I don’t need lots of products to achieve the end result!  Love it.

Skin Care

I’ve two utter loves for skin, they should’ve been in last month’s favourites but my brain forgot.  We have the Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant*, which is an exfoliating toner.  I use this at night after I’ve cleansed and before a hydrating toner.  This has helped my pores stay unclogged and keeps my skin looking fresh.   The second skin care love it the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist*. I was given this by Holly and I’m so pleased I got to try it out.  I use this after I’ve cleansed in the morning and it feels wonderfully hydrating on my skin.  It smells lovely without being sickly.  Such a fan.  Sadly both of these have almost ran out, I may have to go weep in the corner.

December Favourite 2016 Swatches


Let’s start with the product I’m in two minds over.  The Clarins Supra Volume Mascara*.  This does a wonderful job of adding volume, length and generally makes my lashes look fabulous.  However, it also leaves lovely dark smudges under my eyes after a wee while.  So it’s wonderful but ends in tragedy.    Another Clarins product that I love is the BB Skin Perfecting Cream* in 00 Fair.  It’s a surprisingly good colour match for me, although of course I do have to blend it down my neck.  I find it easiest to apply this with my fingers as it can be quite emollient, so the warmth of my hands helps to move it around and work it into my skin much better than a brush or sponge. It provides light coverage and it feels lightweight on the skin.  It’s just lovely at evening everything out and makes my skin look pretty healthy.

The next makeup favourite is sadly a limited edition from bareMinerals.  It’s the Ready luminizer in The Love Affair, it’s a beautiful rose gold highlighter.  I’ve been loving it lately and I know that you can’t get it, however, you need to keep your eyes peeled for similar looking highlighters because the rose gold is beautiful.  Seriously beautiful.

Lastly we have a fabulous red lip from L’Oreal Color Riche Exclusive Reds Collection* in Blake’s Pure Red.  You might recognise it from the Colours of Christmas | Classic Christmas look.  It’s such a stunning red, so vibrant and it’s really nice to wear.  I definitely recommend using a lip liner with this, as with any red lipstick.  You don’t need that travelling around your face!


Lastly we have a life / fashion favourite.  This excellent hoodie from my husband…well actually it’s a Luke’s hoodie from the Gilmore Girls.  It was an utterly wonderful gift from my husband at Christmas and I’ve practically lived in it since I got it!

Luke's Dinner Hoodie

If you fancy, you can check out the video below, it’s a wee bit different to the post, only because I changed my mind between photo taking and video recording!

If you fancy you can always pin this for later reading.  Are there any of the products you are going to investigate further?  What have been your favourites from last month?

December Favourites 2016. Including Hair care, Skin care, Makeup and Fashion.

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