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I’ve been testing out all of the Lush products I bought at the Christmas event back in October (yep, this is the world of retail).  So I’ve been gradually having baths more often – I’ve always been a bit pants about having a nice bath. I shower in the morning and get out the door, relaxing baths were something I dreamed off but rarely took.  These purchases helped to force me to take those baths, the review deadline may have also helped.  So let’s talk about the products!


This bath bomb is a long standing favourite.  I’m a terrible sleeper, so I like to buy this to aid in getting to sleep.  This has a lavender scent that is just divine.  I tend to break this in half and crumble it under the tap as the bath fills.  There will be bubbles, but they tend to disappear after a bit…in saying that I tend to lounge in the bath for about half hour while I read.  Regardless of the disappearing bubbles, this is still one I will repurchase in future.  It’s not drying, the water goes a purply/pinky/grey colour.  It’s wonderfully relaxing, great for the body and brain.  There is a small amount of glitter, but you’d barely notice it to be honest.

Twilight Bath Bomb

The Magic of Christmas

The Magic of Christmas is a reusable seasonal bubble bar.  This has a warming cinnamon scent with an undertone of sweetness from the almond.  I like the smell of this dry, hence buying it, however I’m not sure if I’m the biggest fan of the scent in the bath.  It is nice and definitely pretty bubbly, there was just something I wasn’t a fan of.  Although it slowly grew on me as my bath lounging progressed and it did help ease the aches and pains of the day.  I think it’s the only one I’m unlikely to buy again.

Magic Of Christmas Bubble Bar


The comforter is another bubble bar and it’s another favourite.  It has a blackcurrant smell and it’s just wonderful.  Seriously bubbly and it seems to work magic at easing my back and relaxing me generally.  Again, I break this up and it lasts for a few baths.  Can you see the amount of bubbles for just a chunk?  The water turns a vibrant pink and there is no glitter.  I love this.  I actually made this while at the Lush Christmas evening, I think I did a pretty good job and it reminds me of the Nightmare Before Christmas…or is that just me?  Either way, I will be buying it again in future.

Comforter Bubble Bar

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment

This is a bath oil, or a bath melt as I keep calling it!  This is wonderful as well.  It has a wonderful sweet scent without being sickly at all.  This is just wonderful, sadly no bubbles but I will forgive it.  This was wonderful to soak in and it left my skin feeling so soft, it felt like I’d moisturised while lying in the bath.  As well most lush bath products, the scent lingers on the skin, add in the moisturised skin and I’m a very happy girl!  Again, another future repurchase.

Mmmelting Marshmallow Bath Melt


I got this shower gel as part of my  goody bag.  I wasn’t sure on this initially but I’ve been really enjoying it in the mornings.  It’s quite refreshing without being too over the top.  You only need a small amount to lather up your puff.  It’s not drying and definitely a lovely treat to help ease into your morning.

Sleepy Lotion and Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

Sugar Plum Fairy

I doubt I’m alone in loving the lip scrubs from Lush, the fact that this particular one smells like the comforter.  It works wonders for buffing away the dead skin on my lips, I generally use it just before bed and  follow it with Dr Paw Paw ointment.  My lips feel lovely and soft afterwards.


This body lotion is surprisingly thick for a lotion – I always expect lotions to be runny, not the case with this one. This is a great one to use after Twilight in the evenings.  It’s just great at moisturising your skin and the lavender scent helps to keep you nicely relaxed.  It does take a wee bit to sink into the skin, but that suits me when I’m getting ready for bed.  All wrapped up and feeling nicely relaxed.  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it.  Definitely recommend checking it out, especially if like me you have problems getting to sleep.

As you can see, I like pretty much everything I bought.  Are you planning any purchases in the upcoming 50% sale?  Let me know what I should investigate in future!

4 thoughts on “Lush Review | Bubble Bars, Bath Bombs, Oils & more

  1. I recently took the plunge and bought my first Lush bathbombs (online, because I cannot bear the smell of the shop!) and now I am totally on board and I get it! I think I need to try Twilight and Comforter asap. Also, yes, Nightmare Before Christmas indeed! xx

    1. Ah excellent, glad I’m not alone on that front! Which ones did you try?? There are so many more to try out! Especially now you have your shiny new bathroom 🙂

    1. I used to be a shower only person, I’ve only tried a few of their shower gels, I need to try the jellies too. One day 🙂

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