Introducing…Jane Iredale, Environ & Advanced Nutrition

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I have been rather fortunate to have been sent a few rather wonderful sample bits in the post and I’ve been trying them all out, how could I not!  I was sent these from International Institute for Anti-Ageing (iiaa), which is an umbrella for Jane Iredale, Environ and Advanced nutrition programme.  So all sorts of good products to help me feel fabulous!  Let’s start with Advanced nutrition programme first.

Advanced Nutrition Programme

I was sent the Skin Vit A+ and Skin Omegas+ supplements.  My skin always suffers in the Winter – but then I’m not alone on that front.  The switch between freezing cold winds, to the dry air of the cozy flat.  The Skin Omegas help protect against the effects of colder climates and to help prevent loss of moisture and generally help the integrity of the skin, giving some luminosity to the skin.The Skin Vit A+ has Vitamin A and D.  Vitamin A is more about cell production and repair, where as the vitamin D is important for bone and muscle health.

You take two tablets a day and thankfully there was no funny taste or after taste.  I’ve had some interesting moments with omega tablets in the past.  These were fine to take, my skin has generally been quite settled of late so I didn’t notice any particularly massive difference in my skin.  I think it’s a combination of good skin care, drinking plenty of water and taking the tablets.  If you really struggle with healthy skin, these might be something worth checking out.


I have the Intense Avance DFP 312 and the Hydrating Oil Capsules.  Now I’ve managed to use this skin care for about 2 weeks, the joys of samples!  The Intense Avance DFP 312, I’ve been using it as a day cream, I generally only need a single pump.  The aim of this product is, “This luxusrious multi-functinal moisturiser assists not only in improving the overall appearance of the skin, but also leaves the skin feeling moisturised and looking smoother and firmer”

Overall I quite liked this moisturiser,  it was light on the skin and surprisingly fluid.  It felt more like a lotion than a thicker cream.  My skin felt hydrated and ready for the day.  There was no irritation at all, no clogging, however as I only got to use it for a few weeks, I’m not entirely sure of the long term benefits.  As I mentioned my skin has generally been looking much better, this product undoubtedly contributed towards that.

The Hydration Oil Capsules is a night time treatment, “The product hydrates and improves the general health of the skin, as well as reducing uneven skin tone and fine lines.”

I’m a fan of these oil capsules, I generally tend to get two uses out of every capsule – if I use a single capsule, I end up with too much product and after applying to my face, neck and decolletage, it often ends up being applied to elbows and hands!  So you get plenty per capsule.  There is a feeling of slip to this oil, it’s very smooth on application and it feels like it’s sealing in the moisture in my skin and I did notice my skin looking rather healthy the next morning – which was surprising, nobody looks good in the morning, so I was delighted that my skin was looking good.  For the last few weeks I’ve been using this, it hasn’t caused any irritation, no clogged up pores, it has been lovely on my skin and felt very luxurious.  Again, I can’t attest to any long term benefits, but I would very much consider purchasing these little capsules.

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Jane Iredale

So I’ve a few things from Jane Iredale, some from a previous event, some sent by PR.  First is the Magic Mitt, which I have to admit, I’m a fan.  This is a micro fibre cloth that only requires water to remove your makeup.  Now I was a bit dubious about this, however, I was rather impressed to see that it does in fact work very well.  Run it under warm water, wring out the excess and remove all of your makeup in a few swipes of the face!  Use some anti-bacterial hand  soap to wash the makeup off the cloth and it’s ready for use again.  After a few uses I tend to pop it in the wash, just for a deeper clean.  As you can see my cloth is definitely looking a bit worse for wear, at least you know it’s been used.  This is great to use as your first cleanse, you need to use a proper cleanser after this to give your skin a really good clean.

One product I’ve not used much is the Pure Lash Extender & Conditioner, I have tested it out but I just wasn’t a fan.  However, this is probably because I’m happy with the length of the lashes and I also don’t really like clumpy lashes.  I’m all about the natural fluttery lashes.  So this wasn’t the right product for me.

I definitely enjoyed the two lip products.  First up is the Play On Lip Crayon in Hot.  It’s an excellent vibrant red.  For this I often line my lips to prevent bleeding, which sadly happens and I end up with tiny red spidery lines around my lips.  Not a good look.  Something to look out for.  The second is the the Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Peach.  This is a lovely wash of colour and is nicely hydrating on the lips.  It does definitely leave a bit of a stain.  This little sample will be stored away until summer as I tend to wear peachy colours in the summer more.

All in all, lots of excellent products, my favourites have to be the Hydration Oil Capsules, the Magic Mitt and the Play On Lip Crayon in Hot.  You can check out the video below to have a closer look at the lotions and potions!

2 thoughts on “Introducing…Jane Iredale, Environ & Advanced Nutrition

  1. This brand sounds wonderful. My skin suffers in the winter too and although I’ve uses oils before I’ve never tried oil capsules. It’s definitely something for me to check out considering I’m in a discovery mood at the minute!
    Sharon x

    Rosie Love Life

    1. I’d definitely recommend checking them out, I’m in love with them. They’re a bit expensive but they’re also not, they’ll last and they’re fabulous. I’m tempted to get myself some, I just have a mountain of skin care to try out. Soon though

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