Enjoying a festive market!

Christmas Market Vlog

A bit of a quiet one for you this week!  I do get to show you around the Brighton Etsy Christmas Market to show of some of my favourite sellers.  I may have mentioned most of them in this post – Etsy Delights | Gifts for all.  You also get a sneak peek at what goes into creating a stop motion video, or at least see the whirlwind mess that is left behind!  Hooray!!

I feel I should apologise for this being a quiet vlog, but I’m not going to.  Sometimes life will chuck all the curve balls, I’ve been ill repeatedly – either with office bugs, or endometriosos.  Frustratingly it’s put me out of action most weekends – very frustrating when I am doing my own work on the Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday.  I did manage to get pockets of work done  however, so I’m pleased I got bits of work done and I’ve a few videos for you.  I need to focus on getting more business work done…I’ve an update on that soon.

So after that wee paragraph, you probably are lovely enough to understand a quiet vlogging week and I promise I will aim to have a more exciting vlog next week.  Promise.

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