Winter Pamper Evening

Winter pamper

Don’t know about you, but I am forever in need of pampering.  I seem to forget for far too long and then need it all at once!  Preferably including a bath, masks and a good book.  I’ve been testing out a few new products and one much beloved.  Shall we start with the new shiny things?  Excellent!

OK first things first, bath.  The Magic of Christmas from Lush, it’s a reusable bubble bar with cinnamon leaf oil, almond essential oil and sweet orange oil.  It has quite a warming almost woody scent.  I must admit I preferred the scent of this dry, it took me a wee while to adjust to it in the bath.  Although I don’t mind it, now I’ve sat in it for about an hour!  It definitely did help me feel that bit more cozy.  Another point, there seems to be fewer bubbles than the regular bubble bars – although the water did go orange and glittery!

Next came a bit of a scrub, this one I recommend for the shower rather than the bath, it’s also a great thing to help wake you up in the morning.  It’s the Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub with Coco Berry. It contains Robusta Coffee Beans, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, Demerara Sugar, Cacao and Vitamin E Oil.  I’m actually impressed, I’ve used this a few times now and I love how soft and smooth by skin feels afterwards.  It seems to work magic on those scaly bits.  My only tiny little gripe, it’s a nightmare to reseal the packet, so mine now lives in a jar in the bathroom.

Right, now onto the face products.  We have all seen close ups of face masks, I don’t need to scare you with that.  The Look Beauty Masque Bar Pore Refining creme mask is a cream mask.  This is all about helping to balance your skin and reduce the visibility of pores.  As this was a one off use I’m not sure of the long term benefits, however it definitely left my skin feeling soft and smooth, although not as deep cleaned as I would’ve liked.  That however, wasn’t the aim of the mask.  The second mask I used was the Skin Republic CoQ10 + Caviar Sheet Mask*.  I used this just to try and pump up my skin and brighten everything.  Although I did have a rather excellent facial by Claire quite recently, my skin is still looking a wee bit lacking.  This helped to pep up my skin a wee bit more, even if it was very temporary, although I’m not sure I’d run out to buy another one.  It just didn’t fit my face particularly well, the eye holes were a bit small, which it feel a bit wee bit odd.

The last mask was my beloved eye masks from Timeless Truth Multi-Peptide Bio Cellulose Eye Mask, you can read my review post all about them here.  I would definitely recommend them to help de-puff things, help me look less tired and generally just make me look more human.  Definitely still one of my favourite masks.

wintery pamper

4 thoughts on “Winter Pamper Evening

  1. Pamper nights in the winter always seem so much more cosy, that bubble bar from Lush smells gorgeous and I’ve still yet to try try the coffee scrub even though I’ve been promising myself it for ages! Maybe I’ll just add it to my Christmas wishlist!
    Sharon xx

    Rosie Loves Life

    1. Do it! It’s a great thing to get the blood moving in the morning especially. Definitely worth adding to your wishlist 🙂 It really does feel very cosy and snuggly.

  2. Oh, how I long for a pamper night in my gorgeous bath…when it is finally installed in the bathroom and no longer on its side in the corridor!! We are getting there with the bathroom reno, at least we have a working shower now, but I am so longing for a bath you have no idea! This gets me even more excited.
    Re Lush – it sounds like you are a fan. I am probably the only person in the world who isn’t! I just cant stand the smell of the shop as you walk past it, I definitely can’t go in! But I figure a bath bomb here and there will not smell so strong and I should suck it up and see! Is there one you would recommend for a beginner Lushie? I like bubbles and colour (pref blue to match the new bathroom! :-)) xx

    1. Sounds like it is going to be excellent once it’s done. So exciting! I’m a fan but a complete noob to be honest 🙂 I like the comforter at the minute. Although I’ve a wee stash to use up from the event! I’ll let you know once I’ve worked my way through some of them and which one I love the most. I can’t wait to see your bathroom all done and ready!!

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