Hooray for hoodies


I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of hoodies.  I always have been and I likely always will be.  They just feel so warm and snuggly in this chilly Winter weather…although I wear them all year round…. Back to today.  I wanted to share my latest addition, this grey little number with some extra detailing.  I was sent this hoodie from dressfo to try out, this is not a sponsored post.


I love the details on this hoodie, it makes it feel a wee bit more fancy than my batman hoodie, therefore entirely acceptable to wear to work.  It has a wonderfully deep hood with ribbing, perfect for protecting against chilly winds.  The zips on the sleeves are functioning – although I doubt I’ll be opening up my sleeves much in Winter, they’ll be handy to help cool me down in the Summer.  I think the zips add something a bit different.  The two pockets on the front are just big enough for your hands, so no stuffing keys, phone or wallets in there.

I tend to just pair this with various pairs of jeans or slacks and top of it off with a big scarf.  The hoodie is just a light grey marl, it was raining off and on while I was trying to take pictures, so it looks a bit darker in some areas than others.  Oh the joy of trying to take outfit pictures in Winter!

What are your favourite snuggly pieces of clothing to wear?  If you’ve spotted a hoodie that you think I should own, let me know!  I’m up to about 6 now!

2 thoughts on “Hooray for hoodies

  1. Looks great for when its abit chilly,i like to wear them under my coat during the bitter cold.So cosy and comfy,which reminds me i need some new ones-shame the pockets aren’t big but still a lovely hoodie x

    1. Always sensible, I generally do the same. All of the layering up going on. I think I need a few more myself to be honest.

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