Snail Moisturiser Review!

Snail Moisturiser

There has been lots of talk recently about snail secretion in various skin treatments, it’s the new Bee Venom.  I’ve been testing out this Snail Duo Moisturiser from Skin Chemist London for about 6 weeks, maybe a bit longer.  This costs £72 for 50ml, so definitely on the high end of the scale in regards to skin care.  Shall we find out if it’s worth it?

A bit of the blurb before we delve to deeply.

for morning and evening use, aims to leave the skin smooth, protected and hydrated. Snail Secretion, derived from the natural defensive liquid secreted by snails aims to delay premature ageing of the skin, whilst reducing visible age spots and providing protection from free radical damage. Tiare Flower Extract is combined with light and silky coconut oil, working to hydrate, repair, soothe and purify the skin. Vitamin E Acetate aims to leave the skin moisturised, whilst providing further protection against skin damage from environmental aggressors. Creatine is formulate to imitate an amino acid found naturally within the skin, it aims to revitalise cell energy metabolism, whilst hydrating and protecting the skin.

Did it live up to the claims?

Well I’m not entirely sold on that.  My skin was definitely feeling and looking smoother, apart from the increase in blackheads.  I have large pores and for some reason they became more clogged around my mouth and jaw.  Due to this I decided to switch from using this morning and night, to morning only, this did help the situation.  I can’t be entirely sure if it prevented any further premature ageing as I would need to use it continuously for the foreseeable future.  Even then, I wouldn’t have a control case to compare against.  There was no massive improvement to the wrinkles I already had.  The crows feet I’ve been slowly developing are still there, the furrows in my brow are still just as obvious.

My skin generally looked in good condition, but I wasn’t wowed as I have been before with other products.  My skin was definitely nicely hydrated throughout the day.  There was also no issue with irritation, something I always worry about – the joys of sensitive skin!

Texture & Scent

This is quite lightweight, smooth cream, with an almost gel like consistency.  I mention the gel feel simply because when you’ve applied it to your face, it feels like it dries down, similar to a gel.  So it gives the feeling of tightening the skin.  It doesn’t feel heavy or leave any kind of residue on the skin.  The cream absorbed quickly and it only took two pumps of the cream to cover my face.

There is a sweet scent of the product, leaning more fruity than floral.  The scent does disappear shortly after application, so no need to worry if you have a sensitive nose.

Skin Chemist moisturiser


I’m not sure this was the right product for me.  I know some people have seen great results using this product.  I think at this cost, I would expect my furrows to have softened, or to have no issues with clogged pores.  This might be better suited if you have drier skin, or more visible signs of ageing.  Sadly it’s not the product for me, although overall it is a fine product.

6 thoughts on “Snail Moisturiser Review!

    1. Yeah, to be honest if it was an amazing cream that worked wonders, I wouldn’t mind as much – we’ve only one skin after all. But it was just a bit average. Clearly not the cream for me.

  1. I have heard a lot about this whole snail on your face type cream too. It sounds like it could be a good cream for the right type of skin but at that price it is a big risk.

    1. This is true, it’s on offer at the minute if that changes things, it’s down to about £20. I’m not sure I’d be fussed.

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