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Recently I popped along to the rather wonderful Scarlett Jewellery blogger evening to see the new Christmas lines, I should point out straight away, this was no average blogger evening.  We got to have a sneak peek into the workshop and learn how the jewellery is created.  I was more than a little bit excited by this prospect, not only that, but I got to spend the evening with some rather fun blogger friends Holly and Natalie that I’d not seen in a while.  I have a rather exciting discount for you – it might come in rather handy for Christmas presents!  If you want to see it all in action, you can check out the vlog post here.

I never knew how much work went into creating jewellery if I’m honest.  From the design stages, to mocking the ideas up in wax moulds, these are then used to create the jewellery in various metals.  Of course they don’t arrive in such a shiny state.  To get them looking so good, there is a great deal of finesse required.  All the little tags need to be removed, then lots of clean up and assembly, this is all followed up with a good polish and possibly some engraving – depending on the order.

Scarlett Jewellery moldsScarlett Jewellery toolsScarlett Jewellery Drawers Scarlett Jewellery Engraving

I was a bit obsessed with the tiny drawers filled with lots of little pieces of jewellery, either waiting to be assembled or all sorted and ready for shipping. The engraving is all done by hand on a magnificent beast of equipment from WWII!  OK now I’ve raved about the creation process and the studio – did I mention I threatened to move in and work there?

Now for the Christmas lines.  First we have the Superstar Collection, there are a range of earrings, necklaces and bracelets.  I am a fan of this range, I’ve always been a bit of a fancy of stars to be fair.  These have lovely star inserts, they add a lovely bit of detail.  There is a lovely weight to them and they’re a great size.  
Scarlett Jewellery Stars Collection

The Twilight Collection has beautifully textured pieces, rings, earrings and necklaces.  I think I like the moon and star necklaces,  you can get a mix of rose gold and silver, or just silver, gold or rose gold.

twilight collectionScarlett Jewellery Collections

The Celestial collection is another stunning addition.  The necklaces and bracelet have starburst with diamonds in the centre.  Last is the Share A Little collection.  These are beautiful line of necklaces with engraved pendents, Love, Hope and Dream have fun little details.  These would make a perfect give for a friend or loved one, I love the idea of having an engraved pendent there to remind you to laugh or to keep dreaming.  It’s always nice to know you’re being thought of.

share a little collection

To be honest I think I would be more than delighted to receive any of the pieces under the Christmas tree, this is why I’m a bit excited to share this rather excellent discount with you!

Use the code BLOGME15 that will give 15% off all full priced items online with no minimum spend (excluding black Friday offers) until End of January 2017. 

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Lucy for inviting us along and the wonderful Stevie and the team at Scarlett Jewellery for answering the barrage of questions and inviting us into their studio – I’ll be moving in next week!  Also thank you for our goodie bags, I squeaked with delight when I realised I had a beautiful star charm necklace, the chocolate was also a winner.  I will be adding the wooden decoration to my Christmas tree!
Scarlett Jewellery Gifts

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