My Experience with Instagram Comment Pods

Instagram comment pods

If you’ve been kicking about on Instagram for a while, or facebook, you have probably heard of Instagram Comment Pods.  I only discovered them in the last year and I thought I would try them out, do some research and see if they have any impacts – positive or negative. So I’ve done you a short list of some of the pros and cons.

Comment pods generally consist of somewhere between 10 and 15 people, often within the same niche, for example, beauty, travel or lifestyle.  They rank from C to A+, these indicate how quickly people respond, A+ being an immediate like and comment. You can generally find pods to join on facebook, just do a search for Instagram groups.

Pro: Increase in comments

Yes, you definitely will see in increase in comments, without a doubt.  I started as part of a single pod and seen a small increase, as you might expect when I joined more comment pods, I seen a bigger increase.

Con: The comments can feel a bit fake

As you also might expect, you’re not going to love every picture you comment on, so in turn, it’s to be expected that not everyone in your comment pod is going to love your photo.  I doubt it’s done out of meanness, but some comments are definitely a bit forced.  Also because most people are part of multiple comment pods, you are often commenting on a huge amount of pictures, so you can soon run out of things to say.  This means that after a wee while, it can feel a bit fake.

Pro: Increased engagement

The comments from the pods help to generate comments from those outside of the pods.  It breaks the seal so to speak, once there are comments on the picture, it encourages more people to comment.  It’s just the way our minds work.

Con: It can impact your feed

As you are spending so much time interacting on the pictures from your comment pods, you don’t necessarily have as much time to comment on your normal feed.  Due to Instagram’s algorithms, this can (unless it has changed again), impact the pictures you see.  I found this frustrating because it meant I often missed pictures that I would have loved.

Pro: Increased in followers

With quite a few of the pods, we often followed each other, at least to start with, simply to make it easier to leave comments.  As you follower count grows it can gain momentum, which is always pleasant.  With the benefit of increase engagement, your pictures will often appear in the top 9 for the hashtags you use.  This helps to expose your feed to new people too.

Con: Increase is only temporary

The downside to the increased exposure is often an increase in people using the follow/unfollow method.  These folks are using this as a way to increase their exposure, similar to a tap on the shoulder to get you to check out their feed and follow if you fancy. Generally, they will unfollow you shortly after following you.  This means your follower count will decrease again.

Why I left

I did initially enjoy taking part in the comment pods, it was great to see different content I may not have seen and to see an increase in all of the things.  After a while however, I grew a bit tired of it.  I got fed up with Instagram, I was only using it to comment on feeds from those in the comment pods.  I felt pressure to post pictures every day and I kind of lost the fun.  So I decided to leave all of the comment pods at once.

I didn’t see a drastic change in any of my stats to be honest.  As expected I did see a decrease in my subscribers and the number of comments.  I decided to give the themed feed a wee break too and focused more of posting pictures that inspired me or made me happy.  I love finding ways to bring colour to my pictures and generally just enjoying taking pictures again.

Only a few weeks after leaving the comment pods, I still have high engagement and I still feature in the top 9 for the various hashtags I use.  I’ve spent more time looking for pictures I enjoy more.  I’ve unsubscribed from quite a few people, I wanted to bring my feed back into line with pictures that add colour to my day so I spent more time looking for new people to subscribe to, to change up my feed a bit.  I think because I’ve been taking a photography course, I’ve been experimenting more with the types of images I post.  It’s great fun and I thoroughly enjoy Instagram again.  I make sure to comment on pictures I enjoy with comments, it’s always fun to share the joy!  You can always check out my Instagram account here if you fancy.

8 thoughts on “My Experience with Instagram Comment Pods

  1. Absolutely love this post!! I’m in a couple and I definitely agree with some of the pros and cons. My engagement has gone up but I definitely keep forgetting to check out the rest of my feed!

    1. It’s s hard to keep on top of it all. I was getting pissed off with it all and just didn’t enjoy it anymore. It’s just me though, I don’t have time to do it all 🙂

  2. That’s so good that you engagement has stayed quite high. It can take the fun out of instagram I definitely agree and also hate the fact that it changes the algorithm so you mainly see those pics in your feed.

    Amina xx

    Ali and Her

    1. To be honest it’s faded a tiny amount in the last few weeks – mostly because I took time off over Christmas and New Years. But I’m sure it will bounce back up once I start focusing on it again now I’m back online 🙂 My feed is looking fabulous and it makes me so happy, I get to see photos I want now! Win

    1. I think that’s the best moving forward, especially as brands are starting to catch on the difference in types of engagement. I think organic is the way to go 🙂

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