Going Debt Free! What’s working?

Debt Free Update

Only a few months ago I made a post all about the joys of paying off debt and what we were doing to clear it.  So I thought I should share what has and hasn’t worked, as well as some wonderful bonuses.  I’d love to know if you’re going through this process, we can share our war stories!

Selling Everything

So we’ve started this with a certain amount of success. We went through all our CDs and DVDs and got rid of anything that we knew we could find online, or easily replace in future if we really want to.  Then we scanned them through Music Magpie and Zapper, from there we could see which buyer would give us more for the DVD or CD.  Once we had that done, we were able to sort them into parcels and send them off.  We got close to £100, which isn’t half bad.  Books will be next on the list.

Selling clothes is a different story.  I ended up selling some pieces on ebay and unsurprisingly I didn’t make too much, maybe about £30-40.  Which isn’t great but it’s better than Depop.  I was unable to sell anything on Depop, it’s an odd one, it seems to be a mix between a social network and a selling platform.  I just didn’t have time to figure it out and make it work.

Lastly selling random other pieces.  I had some success selling a few things on facebook groups.  For example there is a local Brighton group and I used it to sell the penny board.  Then I used Grumtree to sell the guitar and a few other bits.  I may have to do a car boot sale to shift some other odds.  When it comes to furniture I will use facebook and Gumtree I think.

Using Cash

This is an excellent one that I aim to do in more areas if I can.  Pay for everything with cash, particularly your food budget.  You’d be surprised how much it will rein in your spending when you can see your money dwindling as the month progresses.  I actually finished one of the months with money left over!  All because I could see it sitting in my purse and I desperately wanted to keep it there.

Meal Planning

This is one with unexpected bonuses.  Not only does it make food shopping really simple and much less stressful, but it also takes all the stress out of dinner.  We know what we’re having so we just come in that evening and make whatever is on the board! No decision necessary.  The planning itself doesn’t take too long, we just stand in the kitchen, check what’s in the cupboard to keep using up as well as what additional things we need.  We tend to pick out a few dinners at the start of the week, then see which foods can be used for another meal.

Visual Reminder

In another post – Blogger on a Budget, I talked about keeping a little card with my debts written on it.  This is excellent, it’s so good to see the debts getting smaller and smaller, it helps to spur me on when I’m having a bad day and just want to buy all of the things.  We’ve also started pinning places we want to visit on the pin board.  It helps us remember why we’re working so hard to clear the debts.


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10 thoughts on “Going Debt Free! What’s working?

  1. I need to start meal planning again, another benefit it that it helps stop binging on snacks because you’re more likely to have leftovers left that you can eat straight away. Well done on the dvd and cd selling, you’ve more willpower than me!

    1. Actually that’s definitely another bonus. I just had some rather tasty left over curry, perfect on this grey day! Also if you buy things like fruit etc, you’re less likely to reach for chocolate or crisps etc. Thank you!

    1. Do it, it’s very satisfying. Yeah the post office runs are a wee bit of a pain but thankfully my work is very near one so it’s doable 🙂 You just need to find someone to do the post office runs 😀

  2. This has got me so inspired! I’m currently unemployed and worrying about how to pay off my student overdraft, but all your tips are really easy to implement. Halfway through I started making noted and working out a plan to actually get started and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to start paying it off!
    Juanita xx

    1. It can be so scary, I am so pleased I was able to help in any way. We’re having to really get our finances back in order since coming back from travelling as my husband doesn’t currently have a job! So very much feel your pain. Good luck with it all and let me know how you get on xx

  3. I don’t have any debt but really want to save. It was also about de-cluttering too. I got rid of my CDs, DVDs and so much a stuff a few years ago. I am always selling things on Ebay, Gumtre and Depop and it really does help. I limit myself to £10 for going out for dinner with friends. I got rid of all my physical photos, and digitised everything that wasn’t already done and made photo books for my childhood years. I always get Groupon haircuts, enter competitions and go on “free stuff” websites. There’s a lot of free things to be had. I say no to attending things and limit my travel cost where I can. I ever just pop in to Starbucks or any such place.

    1. Yep, very much doing all that – as I mentioned in the post and in the various posts in the series and my decluttering posts 🙂 Although I do set aside a wee bit more money to go out with friends as life is short and I’d rather have fun experiences while I can. I just save up for them a bit longer.

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