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I thought it might be interesting to see what goes into creating a video and a blog post, so I created a wee bit of a behind the scenes video and put together some sort of list of what happens.  It might help you out if you’re lacking an idea or two.

Ideas & Planning

So let’s start with the basics, where do I get my ideas?  They can come from all sorts of places. You have resources like Google trends, or the various national days.  Then there’s the twitter chats that happen every week – there might be a topic you know a lot about and could share more information on.  There are also seasonal influences, Winter means talking about snuggly things and winter colours.  There are also entirely external things, going to events and talking to people.  I’m going through a photography course at the minute and it’s given me a great idea for a creative video, which is sort of abstract from it all.  You never know when you might get an idea!

When you do come up with an idea, make sure you write it down.  I write them into my evernote or my notebook, whichever is easiest to reach.  From there I will write up some bullet points and do some research online.  Check my facts to make sure I’m giving as much good information as possible.

Now onto the planning.  I like to plan things out a few weeks in advance in my written planner.  Don’t like this intimidate you, I leave spaces for extra ideas and I do still change the order about if the flow of it all seems a bit wrong.  Planning takes the stress out it all a bit for me, I know what I have to do and when.  So I’m able to prep and I know what I’m recording when I do my bulk recording sessions on the weekend!  Win.

Another part of the planning and researching is deciding what shots you need.  What close up photos will I need? do I need swatches?  What cut aways should I include to help the video flow better, all of the fun stuff.  I make list and that way I rarely have to do retakes.

Set up

Once I’ve my idea and I’m all set to go, it’s time to actually get on with recording and take all the pictures.  I use anywhere between 1 – 3 soft box lights.  As we’re getting into winter, 3 is becoming the norm.  However if this isn’t an option, you can use morning light in front of a window and it can be just as good.  Make the most of the light you have.  I talked all about it in this post all about getting started on youtube.

I also use a tripod to mount my camera, which also has an arm that allows my camera to be parallel to any flat lays I set up.  I’m a flat of the flat lays, but I do also enjoy photos from other angles, which you’ve likely spotted in some of my other posts, like the V&A Fashion Mash up post.  You can pick up tripods quite cheaply and a lot of them will have heads that move, so use that to your advantage.


So you’ve recorded your video and taken all the pictures, now you have to get your edit on.  I use Final Cut Pro X to edit my footage, I did use iMovie for a long time and it rocks.  There are lots of free programs out there to use.  I also recently started editing my photos in Affinity Photo, I was using the likes of PicMonkey and gimp to edit prior to those.  You don’t need anything fancy to create content.  Generally I like to get everything edited and scheduled a few days in advance, but life will get in the way every now and then, don’t panic.  Get it up when you can, a schedule does work better for your readers etc, but the odd slip is fine.

Once I’ve my content scheduled I tend to use Tweetdeck to schedule all my tweets – with images.  I also use the likes of Buffer to schedule facebook posts and Instagram posts.  Both handy tools.  I’d also recommend Canva for creating graphics and it has a lot of the social media image sizes preloaded, all you have to do is edit!  All optimised and ready to go.

If you want a more detailed post on the tools I’ve mentioned let me know, I’d be more than happy to create a user guide of sorts.  If you want to see how I get set up for videos, you can check out the video below!  Give me a shout if you’ve any questions, or you need more detail on an area.

If you fancy reading again later for some ideas, feel free to pin it!

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