Vlogtober Day 1: Falling on my rear

vlogtober day 1

Look, look, look! First vlogtober video! How fancy am I right now?! I did manage to fall down twice, so ya know, good way to start vlogtober… Well at least it’s a bit different to all the other vlogs out there, probably being all nice and stuff.  You do get to see some normal activity, basically an average day of working from home and all the joy that involves!  Anyway, hope you enjoy!  HURRAH  FOR VLOGTOBER! Ok I’ll go calm down now.  If you want to know about the schedule for the blog during Vlogtober – I’ve done a post all about it here.  Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel so you don’t miss a day – I won’t be posting every vlog here.

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