Friction Free Shaving Joy

Friction Free Shaving

So this is a bit of a random one, but I thought meh, this seems like a cracking idea and I like to share good things!  This is in no way sponsored or anything like that, just a fun one to share.  So the good idea?  Having your razors delivered to your door as a monthly subscription!  We all know we’re supposed to change our razors on a weekly basis – although in the winter I’m sure like myself, most of us shave once a week, maybe.  Back to the razors, these are from Friction Free Shaving, first, the packaging is rather fun, it definitely made me chuckle.

Second, there are 3 different options to choose from.  You can have a Faye – 2 blade head (£3 a month), Frankie – 3 blade head (£5 a month) or Samantha – 5 blade head (£7 a month).  You have your replacements sent to your door so you don’t have to worry about those razor bumps, shaving rash or just nasty over used razors.  There is something joyous about a fresh shave, am I the only one that goes around stroking her legs afterwards?  These razors give an incredibly close shave, I am so impressed!

Do you use oils, gel, foam or soap to shave?  I’m a gel girl myself.  I tried with oils, but the razor just ends up so clogged up!  Maybe I should retry it now that I’ve these to change up more frequently.  Are there other options?

Friction Free Shaving close up

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