V&A Fashion Mash-up

Fashion Mash Up Today we see the release of this rather excellent book, Fashion Mash Up.  This is a collaboration between the V&A (one of my favourite museums) and Penguin books.  The artwork, illustrated by the gifted Daisy de Villeneuve, is all kinds of fun and brings utter joy to the pages.   I was incredibly fortunate to be sent this as a pre-release and I have to say I have loved spending any chance I have flicking through it’s pages.  Come have a look and you might understand why!

This book see somes of the most inspirational pieces of clothing from the various iconic collections at the V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum), made into pop out cards that you can wrap around tiny card models.  Oh the joy of nostalgia!  Did anyone else spend wonderful hours in their youth creating all sorts of outfits for those paper models that you cut out of various magazines and books?  Please tell me I’m not alone…. It was time very well spent.  It lead to me creating the odd piece of clothing for my Cindy doll, not necessarily the best pieces, but my creations none the less.  There is more to this book than just dress up however.  A lot more.

Fashion Mash Up dresses

Fashion Mash Up cutouts

You will find pages and pages of information on fashion through the years.  On how style has evolved from as early as 600AD all the way to 2010.  You’ll find information on the history of Dresses, Tops, Trousers, Skirts, Outerwear, Shoes and of course Accessories.  There are lots of quotes and interesting facts sprinkled throughout the book too – I’m still surprised that it was Grace Kelly that started the vogue for Capri pants, in my head they are heavily associated with Audrey Hepburn. You learn something new every day!

For all those budding designers you will find all sorts of tips on textiles, designing garments and where to find inspiration.  There are even a few exercises along the way to help, for example, designing a top.  This would be a wonderful memento to have in future years.

Fashion Mash Up outerwear

Fashion Mash Up gold

Did I mention the pages and pages of stickers?  I mean come on people, look at all those fabulous gold stickers or the glittery ones!  Seriously now! How much fun at they.  There’s also a page of stickers that you can colour in.  You can colour in some of the models and pieces of pop out clothes too.  All of the adulting going on here…

Another thing that pleases me greatly, is that on the backs of the pieces of pop out clothing is information on the designer, the year of the design and the V&A catalogue reference.  Have I mentioned that I worked as a librarian for a few years? I even completed my MA Information Studies, a large chunk of which covers the information required to be a librarian.  So having this information supplied on the back of each garment makes me very happy, I am safe in the knowledge that I will always have that information.  Even if I do finally make myself pop out a few of the pieces and attach them to the models….I might need to build up to that with a large glass of Prosecco…it’s the librarian in me trying to keep it pristine
Fashion Mash Up shoes

Fashion Mash Up glitter stickers

Another fun book fact.  If you build up the nerve to pop out the models and pieces of clothing, you will find a number of backgrounds available for you to style your look on!  Now this is likely the inner child geek coming out, but seriously now, all the fun times.  You can pose your models and take pictures of your ootds for Insta, FB or Twitter.  You can use the hashtag #FASHIONMASHUP when you post, or to find others that have styled some of their models.  Life is short, I should pop the models out…like I said, Prosecco will be needed!

Fashion Mash Up background

I honestly think this would be an excellent present for Christmas (too early?), a birthday or just because it’s payday, Treat Yo Self.  This would be ideal for anyone with a love of fashion,  whether it’s a love of design, styling, blogging, or a bit of a mix.  You might know someone that this will bring back all sorts of joyous nostalgia, just like colouring books have.  Add a bit of colour to your day, or theirs.  This book makes me all kinds of happy and I love it very much.  You can buy it from the V&A Shop here, let me know if you do and we can cheer each other on if we pop out the clothes!  Also let me know if you remember cutting out the paper models and their outfits, or were you a rebel and just tore them out?


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