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Why Not Me

Recently I’ve seen a lot of chat on various platforms and it’s all be a bit “grass is greener” sort of stuff.  People wondering why they’re not getting the brand deals, or aren’t getting invited to events, or their business isn’t doing as well as X.  So I thought I’d address it and maybe help answer some of the questions and give a polite kick up the rear.

1. What are you doing to improve?

It might be time to get some honest feedback.  Do you have a friend or family member who’s opinion you trust? Get them to check out your videos, post or product, what would they improve?  Do not take it personally!  You’re here to learn, so you need to remember that you’re doing this to improve the situation.  If you don’t have anyone you can ask, join a group – facebook is littered with them.  Ask for feedback!

Once you have your feedback, it’s time to learn how you can fix it.  You will find thousands of tutorials online, all for free.  If you’re stuck, ask someone – again, groups are excellent for this.  There are also lots of books – Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk is a good book about social media and how best to use it.  A wee bit dated but still lots of good info.

2. Assess how you are adding value

So you’re learning how you can improve, now time to consider, how you are adding value to your end user?  I only manage to watch an hour or so of videos or read blogs a day.  I will filter out content that doesn’t do anything for me.  If it’s something I’ve seen before, I’m skipping.  You can add value by making someone chuckle – if you become known for it, people will make the effort to check out your content.  If you’re known for giving good information about the latest product, people will check it out.  People have a small window of time, make it worth their while to watch or read the content you have produced – this even relates to sales.

3. What do you enjoy spending time on?

Trying to figure out how you add value?  Well what do you spend your time on?  What makes you smile or keeps you coming back for more?  Be specific, what specifically about that video makes you want to keep watching?  That is your value.  You can build your skills and get better at producing that content or improving that video or producing better ads.

4. Are you consistent?

OK you produce an excellent video! High Fives!  You don’t produce anything more… well that won’t work will it?  You need to be consistent in your posting frequency.  If you post a video once a fortnight excellent, keep at it, if it’s once a week, great! Keep going.  If you can increase your frequency while keeping it consistent, do it!  All the platforms – Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc respond better to consistent posting.  Your content will get better ratings and it will likely be seen by more people.

You also want to keep some sort of consistency around your branding.  For example, I’m pretty damn honest and I also like to add some colour where I can.  This can be seen across all my media platforms.  I also have a consistent schedule, so people know what sort of content to expect and when.

5. Put yourself out there

Just because you made it, they won’t come.  Nowadays everyone is making all of the things, how are you making sure people are seeing your newly created content?  Posting one tweet after a video or post goes live, doesn’t mean a whole pile.  Most people tend to follow hundreds if not thousands of people on twitter, the chances of them seeing your one tweet…well it’s a tiny percentage.  I have a tweet going every hour.  If a post / video goes live, I will post about it every other hour and I will alternate it with a tweet about a different post.  Just to help mix my timeline up a bit and drive traffic to other posts.

I also get involved and chat to people online.  This is something I’ve actually made more time for in recent months.  I was always a bit worried that people would misinterpret me etc.  I have found my people and they make me laugh.  It’s a matter of finding your tribe, whether that’s on facebook or on twitter.  There are chats that happen regularly on twitter and there are groups on facebook.  GET INVOLVED.  If nothing else you will develop friendships and a circle of people that you can support and also ask for support and feedback from.  When I’m picking groups I tend to aim at groups that have daily sharing threads – this means their walls aren’t cluttered with people posting their content and you can actually get involved with conversations and offer advice and again – build friendships.

Read that Jab, Jab, Jab, Right hook book, lots of advice on how to share your content, from ads to blog posts.

Reality Check

I hate to burst your bubble, if you are not doing anything to improve your content, or figuring out how you can add value, or actually doing the work, you will not get anything.  If you’re lucky you might get the odd brand willing to work with you.  Or you might be even more fortunate and get discovered as an up and coming talent.  Let’s be real, the chances of that happening are minimal. You have to go out and get it, you have to take control and put in the effort.  The world does not owe you anything.  Pull your finger out.

There are a few interesting sayings “I’m too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener”.  Being envious of other people will do you no favours.  There’s also from Albert Einstein “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Time to get up off your rear end and make some changes.  You can do this.  Go prove it to yourself.

10 thoughts on “You gotta do the work

  1. I adore this. So practical and honest and perfectly articulates what I’ve been pondering over a lot lately. I often use the husband to bounce blog posts off, we have very similar senses of humour (and let’s face it, 99% of the time I’m trying to be funny!) and we’re close enough for him to be totes honest about the style, tone and content. Yay.

    Cannot advocate more the power of engaging online too, outside of your blog. Folks need to know the person behind the blog a little to feel invested. I think so anyway!

    Now, I want to be in this funny tribe. How do I get in the tribe?
    M x

    1. Thank you! I just had to clean up the typos, my favourite – Asses instead of Assess…made my morning. I should’ve included do not proof while half asleep lol. It’s so good having someone you can bounce ideas off that gets it and that won’t piss you off with feedback. Win!

      You can be part of the tribe, it generally involves the sending of stupid gifs and random one liners on twitter…we are children 😀 You’d fit right in!

  2. I found this really handy. I’ve sorted asking for feedback lately – it is super helpful. Bad and good feedback is always welcome to me.

    Very motivatig post! Thank you!

  3. Yeah you really do need to put in the work these days with the number of blogs/vlogs around! I just wanted to say though, your hair here rocks! 😀

  4. This is a brilliant post Aine! I have been thinking about putting more into the blog lately because it’s something I really want to work, but I just don’t put in the hours at present (weddings are a bit distracting, y’know?!), so this has totally reinforced that’s what I’ve got to do to up my game – regular scheduled content, and share it properly! So helpful, thanks.
    Oh, and I think your sense of humour is fab btw! 🙂 xx

    1. Yeah weddings have a way of dominating your time 🙂 Been there, not doing that again! You’ve got this though, you’ve the space to sort yourself out properly. No worries, glad you found it useful! Glad I’m not the only one that thinks I’m hilarious lol…ok well mildy amusing anyway 🙂

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