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Financial Planning

Sometimes we can bury our head in the sand and ignore when we’ve gone off track a wee bit…maybe a wee bit too much.  Thank has been me in the last 3 months.  At the start of May I was quite pleased with myself,  I did a blog post all about it.   I had a good handle on my finances and I was making a proper dent.  Then life happened – or so I told myself!  I bought last minute tickets to the conference in Belfast, which meant flights too.  Then there was our wedding anniversary and the branding course – which is an investment but it still went on the credit card.  Some habits are hard to break.  So I faced up to it in August and regained some control.  Let’s talk getting back on the bandwagon.

Assess your finances

There has been a shift in my income, since going part time and working on my side hustle, I’ve been making less.  So I had to take a hard look at my finance and assess where my money was going.  I needed to trim the financial fat.  I’ve cancelled my gym membership, audible subscription, basically anything that is a nice to have rather than a necessity.  It’s hard but worth it.

Sell all the things

We’re still heading off travelling in 6 months.  So we’re starting the slow sell.  Basically we’re getting rid of things we don’t use or need at the minute.  Do you like our little savings campervan? Any time we sell something, the cash goes in our campervan.  This will get put in the bank and go on our debts.  So start selling everything, it’s actually quite liberating!  Even if you’re not travelling, you don’t need all that stuff, sell the clutter first if it makes you feel better.  It’s only stuff.  I’ve set up on Depop – you can find me under the username HonestlyAine – unless you’re saving money, don’t buy more stuff.

Write It Down

 Use Cash

This is something I mentioned in the last post, only work in cash.  This is something I used to do and it works a treat.  I’m back doing this again.  It’s the only way forward.  When you see your money disappearing, you’ll soon stop.  Seeing something in the flesh helps us add value.

Meal Plan

This was a pain in the bum initially, definitely worth it.  We checked what we had in our cupboards and then decided what we were having for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   Once we knew that, we were able to put together a shopping list.  Our weekly food shop came to £30!  To be fair there was no meat or any cleaning supplies.  Still, pretty good I think.   My friend has recommended using MySupermarket website in future.  You put in your shopping and it will tell you where your whole shop would be cheapest!  Definitely making use of that moving forward.

Meal Plan

Have the conversation

If like myself, you’re in a couple / partnership / there’s more than just you.  You need to have the conversation about what’s going on.  My poor husband got a bit of a shock when he realised how many of the bills I was paying.  I was earning quite a bit more, so I never really thought about it, it wasn’t an issue.  Now we’re practically on the same wage, well it’s time to even things out a bit.  It turns out my husband  has a lot less debt, he’s also paying almost twice the amount off.  So I’ve double the debt and I’m paying off half.  Now he knows the craic, we can sort it out and I can get back on it more.  It also might help ease any concerns you might have, talk about it, come up with a plan and do something.

So that’s it.  It kind of feels like a confession of sorts.  I’m sure I’m not alone in having a blip and screwing up.  I chat more about it in the video, feel free to have a watch if you want to, we can sympathise together and then sort ourselves out.  If you’re going through similar, let’s talk and support each other!  If you’ve any tips, I’d love to know them.


4 thoughts on “Face the financial music

  1. These are great tips! I went on an eBay spree yday to list a huge pile of things I have and don’t need! Can’t wait to sell it all and get it out of my house! Also threw out two bags of rubbish! …I kinda keep a strict eye on my finances with a spreadsheet!
    Good luck for the rest of your savings!

    1. I need to try ebay again, some of the things I posted last time didn’t sell and it just cost me money. Maybe third time is a charm! It’s so satisfying clearing out the clutter. I use everydollar to keep up with everything, it works for me…I’d say when I do avoid, I’d just do the same with a spreadsheet lol Thank you!

  2. I used to be awful with money; mostly once I moved into a shared house. I’m incredibly lucky that I now earn a decent wage and J earns an even more decent wage than that. I still save as much as I can though as you never know what’s round the corner! X

    1. I’m just struggling to get rid of all debt, I can generally manage it ok, but cutting everything down to clear debts – so hard. Damn years of bad habits. I will conquer this 🙂

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