Chilled Skater


Although Autumn is definitely creeping in day by day, I am making the most of the days of sunshine when they do appear. I’ve another graphic tee but this one is definitely a bit more minimal.  Great for those chilled days – very much like this day!  I was on a bit of a break in the countryside and managed to get some sunshine everyday, plus I’m actually getting better on my board!  Oh and do you like my new hair?

earrings fulloutfit necklace tee shorts skating4Scoop neck short sleeve gesture print tee – Dressfo || Denim shorts – Fatface || Superstar trainers* – Adidas  || Grey glitter drop earrings – Claudia Made This || Dinosaur studs & Anchor studs – Jewellery Box || Minimalist bar silver necklaceThe Happiness Boutique || Sunglasses*  – Converse

I know our Indian summer is slowly winding down, I can still pretend.  Plus we’re heading off travelling, so all these pieces will be coming with me!  My board should hopefully get a few more runs in before the rain sets in – no skating in rain, it’ll ruin your board!  My tee will still transfer through to Autumn, it just might be matched with jeans for a few months…  If you like my necklace you can get one for yourself with 10% discount on orders over €19 using the code: honestlyaine (up to the 9th Oct) and you get free shipping.  Unsurprisingly I’ve a few more goodies on my wish-list.

What clothing items are you holding onto while the sun still shines? Are you making the most of the end of season sales? Let me know, I’m heading to some hot countries soon, so suggestions welcome!  I’ve put together another fun style video, really pleased with how it turned out!  Feel free to check it out below, you’d make my day if you subscribed to my youtube channel too 🙂

2 thoughts on “Chilled Skater

    1. Thank you! You totally could, you just have to decide to 🙂 Although it’s whatever style you feel comfy with. I’m a bit in love with my new hair again, makes me so happy!

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