Androgyny to Autumn


As the weather starts to cool down with the creeping of Autumn, I’m still clinging to the last rays of Summer.  This outfit covers both season nicely and will definitely transition nicely into Autumn – I just might have to add a hoddie.  My love for graphic tees is only growing, as we learnt from the last style post and this one has become an absolute favourite.  It’s comfortable and my kind of quirky.  Check me out being all moody.  The trousers I discovered in fatface and it may be love, I tend to live in them, unless they’re in need of a wash.  We won’t mention that I’m rarely seen out of my Adidas Superstars these days….

Accessories TopHalfSide FullTrousersFingerArrow NecklaceHuh

See No Evil, Hear No Evil Tee – Black pearl || Mustard Slacks/Chinos – Fatface || Superstar Trainers* – Adidas || Arrow and Compass Necklace – Shop Something Blue || Sunglasses* – Converse

Yes OK, we were messing at the end, we’d been walking around half of Brighton for the day and we were slowly losing our minds…I’m not the odd normally….maybe.  Have you picked out your style pieces that will transition into Autumn?

6 thoughts on “Androgyny to Autumn

  1. I love this tshirt, great outfit to glide into Autumn. I find mid season clothes difficult to style, too cold for some, too hot for others!
    You’re looking fab and great photos.
    Sharon xx

    1. Thanks Sharon! It can be hard to find something to get between seasons, at least with this one I can just add a hoodie and I’m good to go. But it can stay just cool enough if we have a hot day. Thank you my lovely 🙂

    1. I get so cold, so I need to switch entirely. Damn my rubbish circulation lol. That and I love lots of layers and autumn / winter clothes… You’re not uncool, you just have your own style 🙂 Each to their own!

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